Gouttes de Soleil

Somewhere between sea and land, there is always the sunlight.

Soft in the morning, then changed to warm and iridescent - reminiscent of the inside of a shell at sunset, light surrounds, nurtures and gives us the sense of time. But who counts minutes and seconds when feeling the lights, air and sea ? 

The collection is crafted by hand with the sensuality of natural materials, which reflects the unconventional nature of Leinné's exceptional heritage.

Life is about following your instinct.

Leinné's Spring - Summer 2022 collection.

Summer Breeze

Summer days last longer. Beautiful and bright, slow down to drink in this moment

Henriette Square Classic raffia bag

€145,00 EUR

In our childhood memories, a square box in fairy tales always covers some magic to make a dream come true. Henriette Square came from that inspiration: a secret box filled with dreams. 


Henri Fedora natural raffia straw hat

€165,00 EUR

Henri is a fedora hat that has a touch of an artfully undone elegance. It is designed with a curved brim, indented details crafted by hand on the crown, and a handmade buckle in the same color. Originally a men’s hat, Henri has an allure of a nonchalant aura

Spring Essence


New In: Bucket Silk Hat Vaud

€135,00 EUR

Soft touch: the Bucket Vaud silk hat offers a harmonious beauty from the soft touches of the fabric blended with elegance-inspired by tulips in design.



Lucyna Raffia fedora hat

€144,00 EUR

Being formed by straight lines and asymmetrical shapes, Lucyna raffia fedora hat has a minimal form with exclusively formalized details inspired by the sunlights: the playful high crown and harmonious and lissom color combination creates a polychromatic band. Lucyna is a spirited charmer with its épuré beauty. 

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