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Meticulously crafted in our 20-year-old atelier, each of Leinné's hats and artisanal objects is a unique story with endless inspiration from nature and adventure experiences. From our first physical space to interact with customers located in an ancient French building in district 1, the only apartment renovated with its rare authentic structure, Leinné has extended to sales channels in France, Hongkong, Thailand and continues to be stocked in beautiful and selective boutiques in the world.

Become Leinné sales partner


For stores: We ask that you spend a minimum of 30 units on each order placed with a minimum quantity of 5 units of each style.

For digital platforms: We ask that you insert our links with an affiliate network. Minimum sales per month is advised to be 500$ and above to maintain your account current offering.

For individuals: We ask that you buy a minimum of 5 units on each order.

For store & individual: Prices proposed are ex-works. The customer is responsible for all shipping fees, associated taxes, duties, and fees at customs. Please note that we can’t assume responsibility for any damages that may occur during delivery.

For digital platform: Leinné handles the shipment within 48 hours since an order payment is confirmed.
You have the responsibility to inform Leinné of any unshipped order within 3 days since it depasses our 48-hour shipping window.

All transactions are made via wire transfer (Bank transfer, Visa card, Mastercard).

Orders from 3000$ or more: Customers can deposit at least 50% of the order value and complete the remaining payment upon shipping.

Order under 3000$: Customers need to pay 100% when placing orders.

Digital platform: Payments will be finalized at the end of the month and paid from the 10th to the 15th of the next month.

For digital platform: After a customer orders through the affiliate link on your digital platform, Leinné will be responsible for shipping the order within 48 hours. Please notify us if the order has not been shipped within 3 days since it passes our 48-hour shipping window.

For store and individual: Orders can be placed by contacting us via the form below. Goods will be delivered 1 month for store and 14 days for individuals after the date of order confirmation.

For digital platform: Customers can exchange or return the products in original condition with the purchase invoice within 15 days from the date of receipt of the products. You are responsible for letting us know the problem and the reason why customers want to exchange or return. Shipping fees for return products are not covered by Leinné. In case the products are defective or we deliver wrong products, we will cover these fees.

For store and individual: We only accept authorized returns due to manufacturing defects or damages within 7 business days of receipt of goods, for replacement or credit to your account. We will cover shipping in these cases.

We offer wholesale prices depending on the quantity of products. Details will be discussed further.