Formscape: explore the endless possibilities of “landscape” and “forms”, the shapes created by nature.


lost in nature
salt terrace
layers of rice field
the smell of the sea
sand dune

Leinné Formscape collection is inspired by sand dunes, the smell of the sea, salt terrace, layers of rice fields... The shapes are transformed into the colour harmony on designs that, like Mimi-Minh Nguyen - Leinné creative director says, “are both photogenic and con-versation-starter”. They brighten your sun-washed looks to transport you to sunnier climes, where you lie on the beach, immersed in the eternal beauty of nature.

Wave hat

As extravagant as the sea waves, Wave wide brim raffia hat bears the harmony of nature in its extraordinary curvy brim made from raffia and upcycled cotton in Leinné 20-year-old atelier in Saigon, Vietnam.


Rivedoux bag

Rivedoux bag represents gentle river flow in form of a bucket bag which can be opened like a container of treasures. The raffia bag is embellished with decorative details made from upcycled cotton fabrics using blind stitch technique, bringing a hint of bohemian flair.


Once we start the conversation, we can later talk about today’s shifting conventions of fashion towards sustainability, one of the values that Leinné pursues to bring to customers.

Using traditional materials that tell the story of Vietnam and biodegradable fibers: raffia from Madagascar, cotton and linen from small villages in the North of Vietnam, and remnants from past seasons,  we believe in the personal connection of each design, the authenticity and connection we have when we touch, feel and sense the craftsmanship in our hands.

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