Leinné Space in Ho Chi Minh city: Galerie Mode


Home for art and beauty lovers



Located on a small alley in the middle of District 1, connecting Tran Hung Dao street and Co Bac street, Leinné has a new space: Galerie Mode.

Classic yet modern, elegant and soft, Galerie Mode is a place for the arts & beauty lovers, a curious mind on a quest for something unique and meaningful.

In the store, the arts, accessories and garments are always showcased by being staged with furniture and objects just as they would be in a real apartment.


Art means different things to different people


The quote “Art means different things to different people” and Galerie Mode signature shooting star are hand-painted on the store window, and with that, we believe that art can carry different meanings, unique to each individual.

There is no rule for art. Art can be a photo, a pair of shoes, a bag, a hat, a piece of clothing that makes you feel great.

With our slogan “Find your own art”, we hope that Galerie Mode is where you can come to experience and discover your own meaning of art. In the store, you can find not only Leinné signature artisanal fashion designs but also feminine pearl jewelry, sporty fashion pieces by other brands and artworks that you can collect to display at home.


A home, built with love


In the midst of the busy, bustling Saigon, there is a place filled with calmness.

Being built based on the feeling of coming home, Galerie Mode is filled with soft lights and memories from travels.

The quietness, the mellow music calm your soul, mind and activate all of your senses: appreciate the artworks with your eyes, listen to the soothing music and inhale the scent of nature.


Inspired by art


Each display corner has a story of its own.

Whether it’s an artwork, a hat or a fashion piece, each design is a harmonious symphony combining the creativity, installation technique by Galerie Mode and the heart and soul of the design itself.

Our signature shooting star, inspired by Henri Matisse’s cut-outs, was hand-drawn and hand-cut from metal material to feature at the front door.
Every detail in the design joins together to tell their own inspiring story.


Nourish intuition


Designed and measured with feelings, the lights in Galerie Mode are set up by Leinné creative director and founder to bring balance and comfort by combining with the natural and warm sunlight with layers of lights to transform the store during the day and also at dusk.

All are carefully arranged and displayed in a harmonious flow, creating an aesthetic space that carries our core value: creativity comes from senses, feeling, nature and sustainability.

When you are in town, we invite you to visit Galerie Mode to explore and find your own art!



135/43 Trần Hưng Đạo
Phường Cầu Ông Lãnh
Quận 1, HCMC

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