Midi Festa Hat.

Midi Festa Hat carries the sensual inspiration from the shape of mother nature. Unidentified and original, the forms of land, sea and terrace moves in nuances and display beauty in their pure state. The sense of time, we can't catch , but see through the changing forms of nature. Each of them are distinct, unique, and bring us feelings that we can't name.

Midi Festa Hat is a creation of our thoughtful craftsmanship - Leinné core value and lasting heritage. It is made with signature Formscape invisible sewing technique in limited editions. In a lithe silhouette, the design celebrates the untouched intepretation of nature - the portrait of woman true beauty 

A handed - woven hat comes under the initial form of nature 
Inner band circumference: 57.5 cm
Crown height: 13 cm
Crown diameter : 15.5 cm
Width of brim: 12.5 cm

Lustrous play of festive color and unconventional hat form are hand-sewn with invisible sewing technique

100% natural raffia and upcycle cotton


The hat itself has a sentimental ties to the beach, wave and sun. Wear yours while roaming along the coast, enjoying a summer picnics or any spontaneous vacation.

This hat can be teamed with a flowy dress and Bohemian jewelry the accentuate a relaxed spirit and a feminine appeal. Then reach a bright palette with your Midi Festa to celebrate the color of joy and summer. 




The hat form is entirely handed-crafted to created a versatile curving brim. Coming from the meticulous invisible sewing technique, this design can only be made by one of Leinné artisan, uniquely. Its crown accentuates the free spirit of nature with some lustrous strand in festive color, made from upcycled cotton that signifies our sustainable direction. 

Midi Festa Hat echoes the spirit of Formscape with a chord of versatile silhouette and polychromatic lights from nature. Inside our 20-year-old atelier, each design arrives as a human connection between sense, materials and story. For those who are in search of limited creation that can speak the language of your soul, embrace Midi Festa. 

Invisible sewing technique 

The hat uniqueness lies in its colorful strand, coming from selected sustainable materials and sophisticate sewing technique. These mindfully chosen upcycled cotton strand are made from thousands of stitches that are exactly the same. To create a soft feel when touched, the craftsman has continuously sewn until the thread lines are hidden. It takes 18 hours to deliver a complete result. 


Inspection and finishing 

Any waste from the process is carefully collected and recycled. The design when finished is inspected again to ensure its refinement and precision. To own this Midi Festa hat is to have the thoughtful artisanal spirit as a dearly loved company.



Midi Festa hat is a part of the Leinné Formscape Collection. Formscape explores the endless possibilities of “landscape” and “forms”: the shapes created by nature. Inspired by artwork of William Russell Flint, the pieces of Formscape are designed and crafted to evoke the harmony of the senses and beauty of the shapes formed by nature: mountain, river flow, sky and sea…


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