Autumn-Winter '23 Collection

The beauty of Autumn lies in the magic of moments

The riverside walk chasing sunrise. The breeze over the window. The time you spend on your own, with memories of summer, a notebook ready for new plans. There is a quiet joy that gleams with the autumn flare, signaling that something has transformed, not only from the atmosphere, but also from within your soul.

Time to refresh the plans, the wardrobe, and take some moments to recharge. Be it lounging in your garden or embarking on your dream adventure, every moment is full of wonders for the hearts ready to be surprised.

From soft, sensual materials, we create artisanal pieces to elevate your autumn travel and work wardrobe. In a delightful interplay of silhouettes and colors, the intimate details unveil the nuances of the woman and impress with its timeless, refined aesthetic.

Let's explore what Autumn means for Leinné!


Mây bag

Romantic and cushiony, May bag exudes an original charm that is both delightful and statement-making. The bag is meticulously crafted by Leinné craftsmen, with the highlight being the wavy section, which is hemmed by hand from raffia. May bag can be carried by hand or worn on the shoulder, making it a romantic and striking statement for the woman in quest for original artisanal beauty.




Smoky purple silk

Moneypenny purple midi silk skirt

The Moneypenny skirt with a minimalist design and color of smoky purple creates elegance and grace. The girls can confidently match Moneypenny in office style with all kinds of shirts or can also go with a white T-shirt to wear for a weekend coffee date.


Trouvaille asymmetric purple silk blouse

Trouvaille is a minimalism-centric design. The blouse sleeves is tailored in short form, with its diagonal armhole covering the shoulders, then harmoniously combined with its high neck. The blouse has asymmetric details to the right side, every fold is made by hand to form a sensual feminine silhouette.

Losange silk hat

The soft silk is accentuated by the quilted pattern hand-made by Leinné artisans. The long downturn brim adorns the face with a touch of mystery.

Because nothing suggests a woman's sensuality than a hint of more underneath the surface.

Smoky purple



Divine feminine

The divine feminine is the power, the healing that we hold in our hearts.

Celebrating femininity, we create the charming silhouette that adorns the natural charm of the Leinné woman. The energy of the Great Goddess is the divine feminine that lives within each of us.

Off-shoulder bodysuit

Delicate and charming, the off-shoulder bodysuit from Gosker by Leinné is created to celebrate the everlasting beauty of femininity 

Eva gathered floral midi skirt

Eva midi skirt is stylized with white floral prints inspired by ancient patterns on ceramics. With pleats on the side of the skirt that accentuates the body, the design is an ode to feminine beauty.


Noy Noeud bow tie pearl earrings

A charming star of the party. Featuring a lovely bow-tie shape with white pearl and purple pearl pendants, Noy Noeud pearl bowtie earrings captures the playful spirit of the Leinné woman.


This is the first collection to affirm we have grown beyond an accessory brand to expand into a full sustainable wardrobe consisting of timeless classic clothes and evening wear.

The first collection of winter designs in full bloom: berets, bonnets, wool headbands hand-knitted by Vietnamese artisans.

Inspiration from the Himalayas

Debbie headband decorates as it protects, handwoven from wool and elevated with shimmer. Cozy and delightfully soft to the touch, you’ll love to have Debbie along on your next adventure.

Himalayan blue


Mountain grey

The showstopper earrings

Seraphina pearl earrings

The earrings effortlessly move you from office to date night thanks to its minimal, shimmering beauty that is both small yet impossible to miss. 

Isabella cluster pearl earrings

Step into the limelight and shine with Isabella. The earrings boast a dangly, extravagant design that is perfect for flaunting your style on special occasions.

Natural goddess

New bohemian flair

A classic addition to your wardrobe, Mila linen pleated shirt delivers the at-ease fit to carry you throughout multiple occasions, executed in crisp, breathable linen.

For a sunny look, pair Mila with Boater Scallop hat. For a chic urban look, Pileil wool hat in Beige is the perfect finishing touch.

Golden light

Like sunshine on winter days, Soleil beret is the emblem of French chic and fine Vietnamese artisanship. The beret is hand-knitted from wool and glitter, adding a golden light to your look wherever you journey.



Inspired by the grandeur of the Galerie Vivienne in Paris, Vivienne wool bonnet is an authentic tribute to classic French aesthetic.

The muse

A combination of romance and adventurous spirit, the layers of emotions smoky purple evokes are translated in Leinné’s artisanal designs, handcrafted in our 30-year-old atelier.

Leinné purple silk boasts a smooth surface and durability thanks to scratch-resistant weaving techniques. Silk clothes that are sensual and iridescent in motion are designed to work with Leinné's hats and bags for a feminine and modern ensemble.

Athleisure sports club

A little sister of Leinné. GOSKER provides basics that help you do more, clothes and accessories that feel good, deliver confidence in comfort and allow for reconnection.

Glowing with joy

Gosker by Leinné pendant G crop top
Gosker by Leinné leggings

The playful bucket bag

Masculine x Feminine

A balance look with languid and playful tailoring and androgynous accessories

Gosker black cap with rings
Oversized raw canvas tote bag “Never be afraid to try"
Emmanuel cropped shirt
Sorrento shorts
Pixeli card necklace in Pink

Shades of cool

Office chic

Mineral touch

Inspired by nature, the Harmony jewellery collection celebrates the sensual blend of colors and natural materials. Every piece carries the original beauty of nature and its colors, and is crafted to be both classic and bold.


Resort chic

Tap into the classics of resort wear

Playful spirit

Shell handwoven bra
Lior silk trousers

Rainbow hat strikes away from the traditional visor shape, with its quirkiness from the combination of colours. Hand-made in Leinné 20-year-old atelier, it has a sumptuous downturn brim that frames the face.

Rainbow hat is a part of the Formscape collection.


Downtown girl

Debbie headband in Mountain Grey
May bag in Sand
Eva grey midi skirt

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