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Wave hat

The majestic waves of a distant sea reflected in a unique winding hat made of raffia and high quality recycled cotton thread from Leinné atelier. Embellish your bare shoulders with an embrace of nature's harmony.

Cosmica Bag

will take you Beyond the Earth...

Defy the laws of gravity. Imagine wandering through the universe discovering everything it contains with the cosmica bag in your hand... Touch, feel, sense, and experience the celebration of minimalism shaped in a half moon.

The playful spirit

Being playful is important in many ways at Leinné, where the charm and delights come from the organic forms and feelings of materials and craftsmanship. We would like to say creativity is an explorative journey. On the quest for beauty and poetic sensuality of the brand, the door to creativity and innovation is opened in a different way: with fun, spontaneity and dreams.


Cotton face masks

In order to provide protective gear as well as raise helping hands in a sustainable movement, Leinné ateliers in Saigon have begun the production of non-surgical face masks on a volunteer basis.

Refinity everyday cool objects

Discover a Refinity kit made from your recycling old clothes that raises awareness to environmental progress. Take action and enjoy the shopping leisure with our sent-back gift.


“Gourmandise is an impassioned, rational and habitual preference for all objects that flatter the sense of taste.”

Women with passion

One of the most beautiful moments of a woman is when they work with all their passion and love. Because pursuing their own passion is the way they create different values for themselves. They are not only women, but also pioneers, inspirators who live with a heart full of faith, passion and enthusiasm.