Mediterranean summer

Explore the insouciant sensuality and warm palette of Leinné Mediterranean-inspired creations, from raffia beach bags to resort-ready hats and flowy dresses, each illustrating the celebration of joie de vivre.

Catch the sun

Leinné artisanal raffia visor hats represent the liberal spirit, bringing insouciant chic to the season

What the media is saying

"Leinné" is the combination of the English word "leisure" and the French word "inné". Founded in Paris, the brand carries a passion for living, a desire to see the world with courage and intuitiveness.

On a harmony theme, we create handcrafted hats, bags, clothings, jewellery and more that signifies memorable moments in your upcoming journey. Handcrafted in our nearly 30-years-old atelier in Saigon, we weave passion for beauty with the sensuality of natural materials, reflecting our exceptional heritage.

Artisanal sculpture

Meticulously crafted by Leinné skilled artisans, the sculptural bags are hand-shaped from raffia to create a strong and sharp structure, embodying the essence of creativity and attention to details

French flair

Leinné's take on the classic beret is a delightful twist, like a summer love song made new. It's both charming and elegant, with a touch of romantic flair

Our wonders

Discover the sensuality of details. the natural materials and ​​the unconventional nature of Leinné's exceptional artisanal heritage.

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