Signature colors

Colours depict feelings, memories and bring spirit into designs and arts from its various nuances.

A colour can be neutral, elegant, bold and vivacious depending on the nuances of its mixing ingredients - one subtle changement in its gradations can lead us to a different story.

The 4 signature colours of Leinné: Leinné Sand, Midnight Blue, Modern Grey and Cream represent the energy and tell the story of Leinné. Along with natural materials, Leinné's colours are handcrafted into designs with inspiration from nature and faraway lands.

Leinné Sand

Color of sand & faraway lands.

Chosen amongst many natural elements that inspire us, Leinné Sand evokes the harmony of the earth. The trees, the dance of sunlight, the aroma of nature, the colors, the elements of the earth blend together, this combination presents with the right amount of emotion, neither too saturated nor too dim.

With its movements and nuances, Leinné sand represents the spirit of Leinné: natural harmony.

The shade is found by mixing multiple shades of yellow, grey and brown. The process was done by hand on paper by our creative director.

Leinné Sand has no precise formula. The original swatch needs to be given when we work with printing or construction outsourcing suppliers.

Leinné Sand is emblematic of our commitment to social responsibility. Our raffia, wheat braids and natural fabrics are environmentally-friendly, they dissolve in soil when you choose not to own them anymore.

Leinné Midnight Blue

Leinné Midnight Blue stands for the seduction of the night, the quiet understanding, the intimate revelation. It is the time to come back to oneself. Calm and mysterious, the night connects with the depth of human’s feelings and their desire to live boldly and truly.

A woman shall once dance naked in the Mediterranean Sea at midnight.

Mercedes McCambridge

At midnight, one shall live to her own identity, to connect with her inner harmony, unveil the mystery of life and open her heart to the wonders of the world.

Midnight Blue - the tranquility brings out dreams, audace, hope. While blue conjures images of sky and ocean, it’s also the color of bravery and dedication. Blue represents introspective journeys and symbolizes the depth of understanding. It stands for serenity, rather than passion, and it’s the color of all that’s constant and unchanging.

Modern Grey

The gradation of hue between black and white - Modern Grey - represents the hidden edgy beauty, unconventional choices, limitless possibilities open up in the world where black and white have become safe and classic. 

Modern Grey is the color of pebbles on the beach, a cloud-covered sky, the lustrous appearance of metal. The color gets better with age, for the eyes that have seen everything. The unconventional choice where the mind seeks to go beyond the classics.

Modern Grey is the symbol of the constant renewal of a Leinné mind.

Falling between the absolute, Modern Grey quietly assures, encouraging feelings of steadiness, resilience and endurance, and at the same time presses us forward toward new ways of thinking.


Cream - the timeless colour, represents both traditional beliefs and a sense of the here and now.

Cream, with its own grace and understated glamour, is a symbol of minimalism, the emblem of a mind who has understood her own self.

It’s not a colour that calls attention; it’s actually a colour that tries to deflect attention. And by deflecting that attention, it makes people want more.

Cream represents the mind who knows to focus only on the essentials. A quiet and pleasant hue, cream is neutral, calm, relaxing and extremely versatile.

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