Signature color

Leinné Sand

Color of sand & faraway lands.

With its movements and nuances, Leinné sand represents the spirit of Leinné: natural harmony.

Chosen amongst many nature elements that inspire us, Leinné Sand evokes the harmony of the earth. The trees, the dance of sunlight, the aroma of nature, the colors, the elements of the earth blend together, this combination presents with the right amount of emotion, not too saturated or too dim.

The shade is found by mixing multiple shades of yellow, grey and brown. This process was done by hand on paper by our founder Hai Minh.

Leinné Sand has no precise formula and the swatch needs to be given each time to manufacturing departments.

Leinné Sand is emblematic of our commitment to social responsibility. Our raffia, wheat braids and natural fabrics are environmental-friendly, they dissolve in soil when you choose not to own them anymore.