As fireworks paint the sky in vibrant hues and lanterns cast warm glows, the Lunar New Year beckons with an irresistible magic. Embrace the custom of starting this year afresh in a brand new outfit, ring in the new year with a wardrobe that radiates joy, prosperity and feminine radiance.

We invite you to step into a kaleidoscope of harmony through monochrome outfits, where tradition meets modern flair.

Edge of rose

Elevate your style with dusty rose Sym set – a harmony of soft contours accentuating alluring curves and a distinctive cut that adds a touch of personality. Femininity with a hint of tradition, Sym set features a top inspired by the shape of traditional Áo dài, paired with delicate long silk pants.

Complete the look with a mini bag and minimalist pearl jewelry for an added touch of elegant beauty.

Crisp radiance

Bask in the crisp luminosity of a new year with this white-on-white linen symphony. Trouvaille blouse in the purest shade of ivory plays with your silhouette, its asymmetric details adding a touch of playful drama. Below, linen trousers cut in a relaxed style give a flowy movement. Atop it all, Romy hat with its artisanal sophistication and Berlodge Mini bag gives depth to the look.

Lounging in silk

Sink into pure silk opulence with this lounge ensemble designed for languid mornings and stolen evenings. In a delicate smoky purple tone, this matching set of silk kimono and silk shorts echoes the whisper of indulgence - a celebration of slow living and unhurried joys.

Beachside bliss

Start your sun-kissed holiday off in style. The lovely shell bra catches the sunlight in playful glimmers. Above, the Evelyn silk shirt and Lior silk trousers give a luxurious, breezy embrace. Beachy accessories are not to be ignored – the Slow Morning tote bag and Rainbow crownless hat completes an idyllic getaway look.

Modern Simplicity

Patterns, color and proportions that elevate a monochrome look. While the smoky purple lends the outfit a delicate warmth, the asymmetric details on Trouvaille blouse  makes a visual highlight. The flowy Moneypenny skirt is feminine note in every movement. To top it all off, a silk bucket hat in the same smoky purple completes the look with a touch of whimsical intrigue.

Sensuality with an edge

Bathe in the warm glow of new year sunshine with this mustard Pearly dress. Its rich hue, executed in the crisp Leinné linen, reinforces the impression caused by the daring side slit. Anchoring this sunlit look are white linen trousers, cut to a loose fit. Complete the look with an extravagant raffia hat.

Blue enchantment

Inspired by the Vietnamese traditional áo dài, Pearly dress is crafted with a modern twist. The subtle side slit, a flirtatious peek into modern confidence, adds a whisper of contemporary edge. Pair with Léon fedora hat for a cool style statement that carries the spirit of adventure.

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