Leinné couture

The idea of ​​uniqueness in Leinné most advanced line of designs, 

takes all forms - regardless of the rules from unlimited dreams and imagination.


Couture designs are Leinné's most advanced line of designs. The hats are designed and made with the most meticulous techniques, realizing unlimited dreams and imagination of Leinné as well as the customers. These designs usually take months to years to make form. The design process based on available models also takes from a few weeks to a whole year.

Each design is limited to an owner of one region in the world.
When you choose to purchase a couture design, that model will be personalised with your initials, sizing or your own references. To do this, you need to have an appointment with Leinné designers and production experts.



Crafted with memory of a golden afternoon under the vines

From the inspiration of sweet citrus flowers, Honey Eye is a vintage silhouette with a modern touch. Raffia fibers are given a new form by shrinking and waving into flowers, the hand-knitting technique is combined with the sew technique to create branches and leaves, the pistil is sewn from linen fabric and stuffed with tiny fabric pieces to increase the roughness and natural sense when touching.



Childhood memory of a secret escape from the siesta

Midi Casta - a delicate headpiece with exuberant spirit that evokes the memories of a golden afternoon escapade in childhood garden. A piece of mesh frames the face is woven entirely by hands for many hours from natural Raffia material, a dragonfly is placed on top of the hat for a touch of playfulness.



Fragrance of the roses in the morning; dew on the branches

Le Jardin - a charming design with the spirit of a rooftop secret garden that we imagine in the city. Each petal and leaf is made from the technique of knitting and threading entirely by hand from Raffia material and arranged to create a "garden" that cannot be replicated. The craft process takes us 13 hours, from hat formation to the process of fitting decorative details to create a harmonious and exclusive design.



Flower buds

Raw and blue

Young love

Floraison Bleue is pretty headpiece with a garden theme: branches, flower buds and blooms are deliberately arranged to create a rich and refined bouquet. The piece is woven by hand with thin and tight meshes, petals are cut from natural Raffia fabric, delicate round beads formed into buds, zinc stalks were meticulously covered with raffia and hand-arranged to make branches.



"Thuong", a Vietnamese word that has its special nuance: a gentle love, constantly watching, caring for someone

"Thuong", the word in Vietnamese which has a meaning of a lifetime-lasting love, is depicted with a Roman-number clock shape design and the hat form was inspired by the traditional "quai thao" hat of Vietnam. The coloured raffia straws are hand-dyed with sustainable nature extracts from plants which took long hours in the lab. Veil and each detail is knotted and crafted completely by hand which took several weeks to form.

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