Jardin D 'été

Inspired by the Albert Kahn four-season garden: where tranquility is made up of multicultural pieces, like each woman's very own beauty created by the difference of multidimensional angles reflected in her soul.

"Jardin D'été" is a fresh, intimate, yet beautiful and vivid picture, which is for modern women who live with freedom, sympathy and openness to different values.

Angie leads us away from the clutter of life to leisure days under the sun, the turned-down brim frames the mysterious features on the face and triggers

Inspired by the enchanting jazz rhythms of the 20s, Jordan swept the improvised melody with a combination of classical wide brim and contemporary vivid lines.

Inspired by the style of a male fedora with a high crown, wide brim and the delicate bow tie, Lilou has a tomboy beauty of simplicity and grace.

Inspired by the daisy petals fluttered, like a gentle symphony between the sun and wind. Bright, relaxed and profound, Daisy is the subtle touch that ultimately draws the harmonious beauty inside our woman.

Molina has a high crown with a leaf shape gently on the decoration band. The design is minimal and distinctive with subtle lines inspired by nature.

With a classic inspiration from Chanel hats in 1910, Aimée drew a look with a short crown and a gentle drop ribbon, evokes a crystal sun ray in the spring forest. This hat can be worn in 3 ways

A gentle, fresh in design with three strips of pastel colors wrapped together, Modernist looks like a sunny drop on a girl's hair, with 2 signature colors: Hyde Park and Trocadero.

Minimal and harmonious from color to shape, Lucyna embodies the natural beauty with the green band embracing the crown, blends the woman's soul and peaceful nature

The bag which moves vividly everytime you walk is designed with the inspiration of the Mekong and reminiscence of this beautiful region.

Carrying the half moon shape, Orlene is the whisper in a moonlit garden. With a vast round form and capacious space, Orlene carries the minimal, bohemian spirit.

Bucket Lily with a simple circular cylindrical shape and gentle details for a fresh and sweet season is a good choice for a garden picnic.

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