• Introduce the Lu Hat

    The challenging call for new horizons and open paths demand your most spirited response. There is a sense of hope and liberty in minimal dressing, calling the free-spirits and free-thinkers. Discover the poetry of pure white, elegant beige and nonchalant navy palette of the Lu hat. Minimal, light and nonchalant, Lu hat represents freedom and sensuality, a state of mind we should all inhabit.

  • Beyond Limits

    00:00 00:00 Beyond Limits The happiest women are the ones ready to go beyond their limits. She kno...
  • Leinné cotton face masks

    Cotton face masks Green and meaningful initiatives In order to provide protective gea...
  • Refinity Community

    When old clothes have a new life Refinity Community is a Leinné program to collect old clothes and raise awarenes...
  • The playful spirit of Leinné

    On the quest for beauty and poetic sensuality of the brand, the door to creativity and innovation is opened in a different way: with fun, spontaneity and dreams.
  • Artisanal love

    Love From Artisan   "Leinné" is the combination of the English word "leisure" and the French word "inné", a passion for l...
  • Extraodinary Women

    Extraodinary Women The sensibility of these extraordinary women is a source of timeless inspiration. Our mission at Lein...
  • Mother's day gift selection

    Mother's day gift selection 00:00 00:00 On the occasion of Mother's Day, let tog...

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