In a constant pursuit of the finest fabrics to craft its pieces, Leinné proudly presents Valentis linen. This exclusive fabric, woven from a blend of artisanal heritage and innovative vision, transcends the expectations of ordinary linen.

A proprietary weaving technique achieves a remarkably dense surface, imbuing the garments with a soft hand feel and a subtly structured drape.

What’s special about Valentis linen?

The hallmark of Valentis linen is the look and feel of the material. Leinné artisans weave their linen with an exceptional tightness. This creates a remarkably crisp surface, belying the structure beneath. The result is a fabric that feels soft to the touch, like a gentle caress. It drapes beautifully, offering a subtly structured silhouette that flatters the form without clinging.

We love the unfiltered and pristine characteristic of Valentis fabric. The surface feels raw and crisp, yet gentle and calm – the beauty of imperfection. It is an example of a perfect blend of sophistication and simplicity.

Feel the scrumptious touch of a piece crafted from Valentis linen. A crisp white shirt that feels like a luxurious second skin. Or a classic summer dress, its whisper-soft touch a cool embrace against your skin, while the fabric gracefully skims your figure. Valentis linen elevates everyday pieces into tactile experiences.

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