The light fell from the sky in cataracts of pure transparency, in torrents of silence and immobility. The air was blue, you could hold it in your hand. Blue. The sky was the continual throbbing of the brilliance of the light.

“The Lover”, Marguerite Duras

The Amaréa collection holds a touch of romantic poetry. Inspired by “Bonjour tristesse" and "L’amant”, the collection features white summer dresses that capture youthful innocence and sensuality. Subtle hints of romance appear throughout – roses on hats and necklines hand-woven by skilled artisans, and playful shell jewelry. Amaréa embodies Leinné's vision of beauty: a harmonious blend of seemingly opposite forces – fierce and gentle, wild and calm.

Summer sensuality

Unveiling a whisper of sensuality, Leinné white summer dress captures the youthful innocence and sensuality of "The Lover." Crafted from lightweight bamboo cotton in pure white, Cravat dress and L’amant dress dances with every step. Subtle details hint at stolen glances and secret encounters, while the breezy silhouette promises endless summer days filled with adventure. This combination of confidence and comfort translates into a captivating sensuality, a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and ready to embrace the day.

A nostalgia for first love

First love is often a time of experimentation and self-discovery. The fedora, with its crushable felt and upturned brim, can represent a willingness to embrace a different persona. The fedora's enduring style evokes a sense of nostalgia for a simpler time.  When we see a fedora in a movie or photograph from a past era, it transports us back to a time when first love might have felt more innocent or adventurous. It becomes a tangible reminder of a time when possibilities seemed endless.

Inspired by the classic shape of men's hat, Leinné fedora and boater designs not only carries the masculine spirit, but also delicate with the soft raffia threads and feminine highlights of artisanal details. 

The playful youth

Crafted to be worn in the sunshine, boater hats become a badge of carefree exploration. The wide brim offers shade for playful grins and mischievous eyes, adding to the sense of joyful abandon that defines youthful summers. Inspired by the shape of the classic boater hat with low, round crown and short brim, Leinné boater hats combine the rustic, raw feeling of raffia with the soft cotton or silk strand wrapping around the hat. Each design is unique in its own way, yet easy to mix and match with any style to follow you on your summer trips.

Leinné creative director Mimi Minh Nguyen has in mind a specific angle of modern Vietnam when creating the stepping stones of Leinné.

She wanted to create “a cultural brand” — aimed at people who are themselves collectors and connoisseurs of art and vernacular crafts and aren't interested in logos.

She had in mind a specific image when creating the brand in Paris in 2016. If it is too Vietnamese, it would not work. Instead, Mimi had this image of Saigon in French Indochina era, with the romantic vibe from the story of L'amant. This story has been layered over time and appeared again in the Amaréa collection

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