Words of love

Words of love is a special collection of 12 words selected from English, Vietnamese and French. Each word is selected for its unique meaning of love in a language.

A Summer Garden

"Jardin D'été" is a fresh, intimate, yet beautiful and vivid picture, which is for modern women who live with freedom, sympathy and openness to different values.


The conception of “Gourmandises” was derived from the very core notion of Leinné: objects that gratify the senses and embody a heart open for new experiences.


State of Raw

State of Raw - A fresh breeze drawing in different cultures together, challenging old habits and changing cultural norms.

Reflective Pace

Reflective Pace is a collection of the art of details, drawing inspiration from different places, depict a sense of thoughtful imperfections and balance.


Formscape collection explores the endless possibilities of “landscape” and “forms”: the shapes created by nature.

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