Formscape: explore the endless possibilities of “landscape” and “forms”, the shapes created by nature.


lost in nature
salt terrace
layers of rice field
the smell of the sea
sand dune

Leinné Formscape collection is inspired by sand dunes, the smell of the sea, salt terrace, layers of rice fields... The shapes are transformed into the colour harmony on designs that, like Mimi-Minh Nguyen - Leinné creative director says, “are both photogenic and con-versation-starter”. They brighten your sun-washed looks to transport you to sunnier climes, where you lie on the beach, immersed in the eternal beauty of nature.

Inspired by the watercolor strokes of William Russel Flint, Leinné Formscape Collection creates hats and bags as limited artworks, in collaboration with art studio Cotonoré Paris.

Wave hat

As extravagant as the sea waves, Wave wide brim raffia hat bears the harmony of nature in its extraordinary curvy brim made from raffia and upcycled cotton in Leinné 20-year-old atelier in Saigon, Vietnam.


Rivedoux bag

Rivedoux bag represents gentle river flow in form of a bucket bag which can be opened like a container of treasures. The raffia bag is embellished with decorative details made from upcycled cotton fabrics using blind stitch technique, bringing a hint of bohemian flair.


Rivedoux hat

Rivedoux: a gentle river flow. Upcycled cotton fabrics with blind stitch technique brings a hint of bohemian flair.


Jasper hat

Jasper hat speaks for the modern woman who loves a romantic touch to her outfit. Made from organza and silk from traditional village Nha Xa in the North of Vietnam, it features a deep crown and a wide brim which is layered with pure silk pleats with a transition of colours.


Life on Mars bag

Inspired by David Bowie, Life on Mars is a unique contemporary art piece on its own. Life on Mars bag is crafted from natural raffia with layers of asymmetry upcycled cotton fabrics and thoughtful interior. There is also a "secret pocket" inside the raffia patch in front. As part of the Formscape collection, inspired by the beauty of nature, Life on Mars is the perfect piece of tote bag - artwork for your Leinné collection.


Midi Festa bag

Take the inspiration from the seashell silhouette, the Midi Festa Bag with paneled design hangs from a wide wristlet, revealing the supple upcycled cotton lining. The melody of colors and vibrations of nature is portrayed in the design of Midi Festa Bag, through the beauty of craftsmanship and the aesthetic of Leinné.


Once we start the conversation, we can later talk about today’s shifting conventions of fashion towards sustainability, one of the values that Leinné pursues to bring to customers.

Using traditional materials that tell the story of Vietnam and biodegradable fibers: raffia from Madagascar, cotton and linen from small villages in the North of Vietnam, and remnants from past seasons,  we believe in the personal connection of each design, the authenticity and connection we have when we touch, feel and sense the craftsmanship in our hands.

Midi Festa Hat

With three festive colors dance around the crown, Midi Festa is a melody of colors and nature. It's meticulously crafted from natural raffia straw and upcycled fabrics with a high crown.

The hat is made with signature Formscape invisible sewing technique in limited editions


Sunrise bag

From the very beginning, nature has always been an endless inspiration for Leinné designers. The curves of the clouds on the deep blue sky, the waves in the sea, or the pink glow when the sky turns the color of sunset. All brought inspiration for Leinné to create the Sunrise bag. 

The Sunrise bag is meticulously crafted by the skilled craftsmen in a hat-making workshop over 20 years old. Leinné designers created a harmonious design with a unique color scheme like a work of art in collaboration with artist Cotonoré Paris.

The Sunrise bag with delicate curves brings out soft emotions, like the feeling when the skin is adorned by the sea breeze. 


Clémentine bag

Inspired by the sweet and playful colors of the Leinné garden, the Clémentine bag design is a combination of rustic raffia and recycled cotton: the rounded silhouette reminiscent of sunny-glaze berries, with hand-crafted details connecting the two sides of the bag. The handle is firmly wrapped, revealing the spacious interior with separate compartments.

From the skillful hands of the craftsmen at Leinné with the unique creation from Contonoré Paris art studio, the Clémentine bag is crafted with meticulousness and aesthetic spirit, creating the limited edition artworks with natural color palettes combined with decorative recycled cotton lines.


Sunrise hat

The Sunrise hat delicately resembles the moment when the sun appears above the horizon, harmoniously blended with the view at dawn, though the soft contour of its shape.

It's a tactile experience: the craftsmen’s precise work done with their personal connection with the design and evaluated by their hands. It takes 36 working hours to create the artwork.

The crown is round with V-shape detail on the brim that accentuates the silhouette, with the inspiration of the sun's shadow onto the sea at sunrise.

Crafted from raffia straw woven to a ribbed finish, the brim is adorned with premium upcycled cotton details that look like colorful brush strokes, inspired by the artworks of William Russell Flint. The strokes are Leinné signature blind-stitch technique, hand-sewn until they are smooth to the touch.


Diana hat

The Diana raffia hat with visor translates the sporty classic into a modern feminine style. It's shaped with a band that secures via elongated scarf ties at the back, finished with a spontaneous decorative details which portrays layers of rice fields from upcycled cotton fabrics.


Serencio hat

Serencio: the serenity of nature, with the blend of colors from mountain and sea at the time of sunset. It is meticulously crafted from natural raffia with signature upcycled cotton details that can only be finished by hands in Leinné 20-year-old atelier in Saigon, Vietnam.


Rainbow hat

Rainbow hat strikes away from the traditional visor shape, with its quirkiness from the combination of colours. Hand-made in Leinné 20-year-old atelier, it has a sumptuous downturn brim that frames the face without being too lady-like.


Clémentine hat

The flexible and lively form of this short and downturn brim hat can be transformed into two ways of wearing. Upcycled cotton fabric details mischievously embraces the hat, with the mixture of 3 warm colors from the Leinné garden under the golden sunshine.


For the love of simplicity. Cosmica hat is crafted in natural raffia and finished with hand-sewn épuré fabric curves that depicts movement of the universe.


Cosmica hat

Cosmica bag

Cosmica bag features hand-sewn épuré fabric curves that depicts movement of the universe on 2 sides of the bag. Cosmica has thoughtful interior with a neat top handle and magnet mouth open that keeps upcycled cotton lining inside.


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