Nature is about harmony. Like a master painter, it captures the raw creativity and boundless imagination that unfolds across every landscape and natural elements.

Inspired by nature, the Harmony collection celebrates the sensual blend of colors and natural materials. Every piece carries the original beauty of nature and its colors, and is crafted to be both classic and bold.

The summer sky

Morganite jewelry is an invitation to embrace romance and inner peace. This minimalist adornment celebrates the understated power of soft hues, where shimmering morganite blush, pale orange and light blue hue meets the iridescence of pearls. Morgan is a delicate concerto for the modern muse, who finds beauty in the quiet moments.

Crimson serenade

Alice jewelry is distinguished by its stark contrast of pearl-white and red. All you need is to keep your outfit simple and let this necklace create something that is statement-making and appealing to the eye.

Majesty of the ocean

Inspired by the sea and its majesty, the Turquoise pearl jewelry adds a natural, mesmerizing charm to the outfit. The turquoise, bold and alive, speaks of endless horizons and adventurous spirit. The pearls, serene and luminous, whisper of understated grace and timeless beauty. Together, they create a harmony that resonates with the soul, ensuring each design is as unique as its wearer.

Woven wonders

Fine and flattering, Amanda handwoven earrings are perfect to flaunt extravagant style with personality. Glittering golden cotton threads are woven into a hoop shape, adorned with dainty pearls. Amanda earrings make a bold statement for a bohemian chic outfit and add glow to your look.

Rainbow brilliance

Pops of color with a touch of classic style, Amelie and Minerva jewelries attract the eyes for the harmony of pearl's timeless appeal and youthful colorful rubber. Each piece is an ode to individuality that dares you to embrace the unexpected, to wear your personalities in a kaleidoscope of color and pearl.  

Colorful stones

Inject your own style into any outfit with Aphrodite earrings. This pair of earrings combines the sensuality of pearl, the richness of carnelian, the vibrance of red coral and the edge of jade. With imperfect shapes and colorful mineral glow, Aphrodite makes a festive accent to your look.

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