A name, a harmonious blend, an open heart

"Leinné" is the combination of the English word "leisure" and the French word "inné".  

The brand carries a multi-cultural background and a passion for living. 

A concept born in Paris, enriched by different cultures.

On a natural harmony theme, we create eco-luxury objects that gratify the senses.

A root, an origin, a home.

Sustainable luxury that carries the story of Vietnam

Founded at the end of 2016 by designer Mimi Minh Nguyen, Leinné takes inspiration from the beauty of nature, blending intimate hand-detailing with contemporary vision to create a magical wardrobe full of timeless chic pieces.

Leinné’s creations and story has earned recognition for its modern classic aesthetics, original craftsmanship and harmonious colorful palette in prestigious international local and publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, L’Officiel.

Leinné continues to nurture an inspired community of beauty lovers, who cherish the unparalleled beauty of artisanal pieces, stay open for new experiences, and enrich their lives with experience from traveling. Out of its home in Ho Chi Minh City, the brand has expanded its presence in different countries via e-commerce and individual agents.

Leinné creations, inspired by travels, have lives of their own. We are proud to be part of your stories.

Heritage & Craftsmanship

We are driven by the two concepts: a belief in the transformative power of a great outfit and a commitment to quality. 

Craftsmanship is the core value of Leinné: our natural materials are carefully selected, and certain details can only be created by hands by experienced local artisans who have been working with us since we first started.

Started as an artisanal raffia hats and bags maker, we have expanded into a  full sustainable wardrobe consisting of timeless, original clothes, jewelry, and evening wear. 

We work together to create original pieces for your wardrobe that are a celebration of voyage, artful expression and artisanal craftsmanship.


Leinné is driven by the profound connection between our inner selves and the surrounding world. 

Our designs are inspired by the beauty found in nature, voyages of discovery, and the fearless pursuit of authentic and unapologetic lives.

Refinity by Leinné

Refinity by Leinné is a product line that imperfections, remnants, past-season and left-over pieces write its own story and have a new life.

Sustainability and natural materials as heart of the brand

Eco-conscious from sketch to reality. Sustainability is not only the product itself, but its thoughtful and minimal packaging. And above all, the people. 

Leinné takes actions

Created with the aim of supporting a beautiful green community by using small concrete actions. A little progress each day adds up to big results

Leinné Stories

Stories behind our creations. It is not only about the creations but also about emotions, love, and spirit. Let these designs stand with you to mark a memorable moment in your upcoming journey.


The conception of “Gourmandises” was derived from the very core notion of Leinné: objects that gratify the senses and embody a heart open for new experiences.

Softness Optimism

From soft, sensual materials, we create a balance between force and fragility. In a delightful interplay of silhouettes and colors, the collection unveils the nuances of femininity

Vidi Amavi

Vidi Amavi brings a sense of romance and adventure to your own city. With smoky purple as the main color - bold autumn beauty and colors of transition.

Mono Delights

We invite you to step into a kaleidoscope of harmony, where tradition meets modern flair. Ring in the new year with a wardrobe that radiates joy, prosperity and feminine radiance.


From sensual pearls and colorful gemstones, the Harmony jewelry collection celebrates the harmonious, lively blend of colors and natural treasures. 


Formscape collection explores the endless possibilities of “landscape” and “forms”: the shapes created by nature. Inspired by the watercolor strokes of William Russel Flint.

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