Heritage & Craftsmanship


When heritage meets modernity

Craftsmanship is always the core value of Leinné. Each hat is made with love and meticulousness in a 20-year-experience atelier based on a family hat workshop in Saigon, Vietnam.

With the contemporary style of the designers and the diligent hands of the experienced artisans, we work together to create timeless hats and bags that are both beautiful and made to last.

Leinné, where heritage meets modernity.

The story of natural material

The relationship between nature and fashion has always been Leinné's endless inspiration. Natural and eco-friendly materials are carefully selected but to make the aesthetics of Leinné, that makes the human experience “touch, feel, sense" as the heart of the brand.


Natural raffia

Natural raffia from Madagascar with good durability and UV protection, preventing damage from humidity and can be hand washed

With the skillful hands of our craftsmen, raffia leaves are stripped of fine threads, braided into long bundles of yarn, and made into delicate designs. The natural raffia is eco-friendly and dissolves into the soil when you no longer own them.

Artisanal, Vietnam origin fabric

With the respect for traditional craftsmanship, Leinné seeks the finest fabrics from craft villages all over Vietnam. Organic silk, hand-woven linen, and cotton fabrics are selected with sincerity and colored from selective ingredients and vegetable dyes to ensure that they do not adversely affect the environment.


Upcycled material

Recycled materials are used to reduce the amount of fashion waste going into the environment. At the intersection of art and sustainability value, the idea of reviving old materials creates a product line where every design is unique.

Craftsmen - at the heart of Leinné

Leinné's artisanal designs are of high difficulty, requiring meticulousness and patience. The success of the product mostly comes from the skilled craftsmen. We work together to create designs that are both beautiful and made to last.

In good hands

Each handcrafted raffia hat and bag maker needs many years of apprenticeship, along with training thoroughness, design thinking, and creativity. Certain details can only be created by the skillful hands of craftsmen who have been with us since the first day of our atelier.


Take care of the smallest things

Each product is made as a work of art with carefulness and meticulousness. The beauty of the design is created by the artisans who love crafts, love the beauty and enjoy what they made.

Take on new challenges

In response to the designer’s contemporary ideas, the craftsmen at Leinné atelier always experiment with new shapes and materials. They can make and reinvent an object several times until satisfied.

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