Leinné Bespoke

Tailored designs that are truly unique and precisely to your own style.

A conscious choice in which every single detail is designed to meet clients’ preferences.

Every design is tailored to your own style by using premium fabrics, and most of all, our creativity and high standards.

To delight you with a premium tailoring experience, customized details to fit with your personal measurements, style and preferences, Leinné would like to introduce: Bespoke service.

Leinné Bespoke is Leinné's line of tailor-made designs for special occasions, featuring designs of men's and women's shirts, pants, and suits in the spirit of Leinné style for formal dressing: simplicity, sophistication and fitting.

Our bespoke designs use premium fabrics selected and researched to celebrate the comfort to wear, touch and feel. Leinné Bespoke combines the creativity of designers with the tailoring experience of the most skilled craftsmen, providing elegant outfits with an understanding of your style and body shape.

The Leinné Classic White Shirt

is about minimalism - avoiding distractions as much as possible.

With invisible buttons borrowed from traditional menswear evening dress shirts and its simplicity, we eliminate all the unnecessary details to focus on you.

The Leinné Classic White shirt contains the unseen thoughtfulness of quality and a touch of playfulness: hidden logos inside the front placket, on the wrist.

The GOTS-standard organic cotton we use to make this dress shirt takes the shirt beyond comfort.

The Leinné Classic Tailored Trousers

Featuring a timeless and sophisticated straight cut with a slightly flared silhouette, The Leinné Tailored Trousers encapsulate the brand's contemporary and elegant spirit.

Cut to create rhythmic lines in movement and lengthen legs, the tailored trousers are designed in luxurious Italian wool-blended fabric for maximum comfort.

The light denim sheen of this trouser design is a deliberate choice to create a youthful twist in a classic silhouette.

How to Measure

All designs are tailored to your measurements.

To deliver you the subtlety to touch and feel, please provide us with those numbers.

The Leinné Classic White Shirt

The Leinné Classic Tailored Trousers

If you need further assistance from our experts, 

Send us a message or schedule a visit to Galerie Mode store to have your own Bespoke designs.

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