Amaréa: Spring - Summer 2024

Amaréa is the poem about love and the ocean, the word is a combination of the French word for love, "amor" and the Latin term "mare" which means the sea.

Drawing inspiration from the sun-drenched days by the sea, from the book "Bonjour tristesse" and the movie “L’amant”, the collection is infused with the play of natural materials and a mesmerizing palette of colors inspired by the ocean. Amaréa is a celebration of summer romance, sensuality and seaside languor.

Drop 1: L'amant

L'amant summer dress captures the youthful innocence and sensuality of "The Lover." Crafted from bamboo cotton in a soft white hue and a drop waist, L'amant dress captures the romance with its subtle details.

Revel in the allure of summer with the Hamilton boater hat and the playful Bucket Cabas bag.

A Parisian icon reimagined in a romantic vision, Rose raffia beret is handwoven from raffia and embroidered with the rolled rose charm. The beret evokes a sense of playful femininity, perfect for a romantic stroll along the shore.

The light fell from the sky in cataracts of pure transparency, in torrents of silence and immobility. The air was blue, you could hold it in your hand. Blue. The sky was the continual throbbing of the brilliance of the light.

- "The Lover", Marguerite Dumas -

Drop 2: The symphony of the dune

In this chapter, inspired by Frank Herbert's epic "Dune", the collection embraces the desert's essence using natural materials including silk, velvet, natural raffia, adorned with nomadic accents. The flowing pleats evoke windswept dunes, while the color palette of deep mauve, sandy tones, and moonlit yellow reflects the desert's beauty. Even the leopard prints seem to echo the wild spirit of the landscape.

Romance of a sundress

Rania dress with its asymmetrical necklace brings the eye to the woman's graceful neck and sunkissed shoulders. A symphony of contrasts ensues: black on top with gold silk cascades along the skirt, crafting a touch of playfulness entwined with elegance. It is a day-to-night fantasy of a sundress.

The heat encourages an allure of a wide brim scarft hat: Leinné new creation Jess, and a playful Arybayo bucket bag to quietly take on an escapade to an oasis, and hold onto that freedom when the sun has set.

Untamed allure

Maia silk dress brings sophistication with a hint of wild charm. The skirt flares gently from the fitted bodice, skimming your curves with a flattering silhouette. This dress is perfect for turning heads at a summer soirée, striking the perfect balance between sophistication and untamed allure.

The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.

- "Dune", Frank Herbert -

The collection bursts with vibrant energy and is infused with a passion for discovering uncharted territory. Amaréa is an interpretation by Leinné and Mimi Minh Nguyen of freedom, survival, the universe, and the contemplation of the beauty of nature through the design language.

The artistry of a night sky

Using the nuances of design language to express the associations with the desert and the story of Dune, Leinné and its creative director Mimi Minh Nguyen added another layer: Nouveau Realism, the art movement that was founded in the 60s by the art critic Pierre Restany and the painter Yves Klein. With ideas rooted from Mimi's graduation from fashion design school in Paris in 2016, colors were definitely a part of the message that fashion designers wanted to deliver. 

In Sedna jacket gold is based on the painting of Yves Klein Age d'or, and the floating moon on this Sedna jacket is definitely inspired by Daniel Spoerri round dishes collage paintings. The asymmetrical cut mirrors the ever-shifting shapes of the dunes, designed for those who embrace a touch of unconventionality. A covetable statement maker that serves your modern wardrobe.

Drop 3: Summer garden

Amaréa: Drop 3 captures the essence of a blooming summer garden. The nature's fresh palette is woven into a collection of delicate patterns and flowing silhouettes, evoking a languorous ease of summer.

Blooming in silk

Immerse yourself in timeless sophistication with the Gam silk jacket. The design comes in two versions that draw inspiration from the vibrant hues of the flourishing garden of Albert Kahn in Paris, with Oriental influence.

Urban garden sunshine

City sidewalks, white summer nights. Embrace the urban sunshine with Cravat white dress and Sabbia bucket hat, a modern nod to the L’amant story of Marguerite Duras that inspired the origin of the brand Leinné. The Chess Mini bag adds a touch of original artisanal beauty as you navigate the city streets.

Garden wonders

A palette inspired by the loveliest berries ripening in Leinné's garden - soft, blushing hues infused with a touch of playful vibrancy. Artisanal hats and bags are crafted with charmingly rounded shapes and intricate details inspired by the garden of Leinné. 

Vaud hat – The tulips of Leinné garden

Vaud silk hat offers a harmonious beauty from the soft touches of the fabric blended with elegance-inspired by tulips in design. It evokes the emotions of our soul when we, by chance, hear a melodious symphony.

The Tangerine in Leinné garden

Clémentine hat and bag is a combination of rustic raffia and recycled cotton, characterized by thousands of blind-stitched details. The rounded silhouette is reminiscent of sunny-glaze berries, coming in a natural color palette inspired by watercolour artwork of William Russell Flint.

Canvas Delights

Dive into your summer adventures and feel the rawness of nature on our raffia and canvas hats. Each hat is a testament to the beauty of natural materials and our skillful artisans. Elevate your summer style with hats that exude authenticity and timeless elegance. 

Pastel treasures

An invitation to embrace the gentle whispers of summer and adorn yourself with the season's vibrant spirit. Delicate jewelry and accessories capture the spirit of summer afternoons spent amongst fragrant blooms.

A statement of simplicity

Channel effortless bohemian style with the skinny raffia headband. The headband features delicate strings that tie in the back for a feminine allure and customizable fit. Whether you're relaxing on the beach or adding a touch of texture to your everyday look, this raffia headband is a must-have for the season.

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