Délice Words of love - "Embrace"
Délice Words of love - "Embrace"
Délice Words of love - "Embrace"

Délice Words of love - "Embrace"

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With the special form that must be made by our most skilled craftsmen, Délice manifest the beautiful shape like line art under the sunshine. The mysterious downturn brim frames the face, while embracing charming lips and chin.

Embrace, the word itself sounds wonderfully soft and compassionate, it makes us think of a warm, long hug. Being in the arms of someone you love is the most peaceful feeling in the world.


Product line: Words of love Signature - Limited Éditions
Origin: Vietnam

Color: Natural
Colorful bands with "Words of love" embroidery, turned-down brim with "Embrace" embroidery.


100% upcycled cotton
100% natural raffia

About the collection

With Words of Love campaign, Leinné aims to convey the wonderful power of words to Leinné women and their loved ones.

Using the best raffia material from Madagascar - a rare natural material that is mold resistant and can prevent the sunlight from damaging skin, “words of love" is carefully embroidered by hand, with Leinné’s signature font on Riviera and Délice hat forms.

The unique hat forms are handcrafted by Leinné’s 20-year-old artisan workshop, and combined with modern French spirit and design.

Unique size (56,5 - 57,5 cm) with strings inside the hat for your adjustment


Crown band height: 4 cm
Crown diameter: 14 cm
Crown height: 8 cm
Brim width: 12 cm

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