Heat and Soul

The beauty of nature is in harmony with sportive-chic spirit: all you need for this summer.

Stepping into the season of new adventures with Leinné.

Alex visor

Bucket Cabas Silk bag

Socco Cap with rings

Gouttes de Soleil

Discover Leinné Spring-Summer 2022 collection

Shining objects

Jewelry and Pearls have always been a symbol of lightness and femininity. Discover the irresistible summer lights for your outfits.

Mimi shell mask chain

€40,00 EUR

The iconic Bucket Cabas

Bucket Cabas raffia bag

€171,00 EUR

Bucket Cabas Silk bag

€200,00 EUR

Our wonders

Discover the sensuality of details and natural materials - ​​the unconventional nature of Leinné's exceptional heritage.

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