Sculpted elegance

Designed and crafted in geometric shapes, our bags exude a harmonious blend of sharp lines and delicate softness. 
Meticulously crafted by Leinné skilled artisans, the bags’ shape is hand-shaped from raffia to create a strong and sharp structure, embodying the essence of creativity and attention to details.

Aurora black raffia bag

€550.00 EUR

Marjolie raffia bag

€243.00 EUR

Berlodge Classic bag

€510.00 EUR

Cosmica raffia bag

€386.00 EUR

The sensual curves: May bag

Romantic and cushiony, May bag exudes an original charm that is both delightful and statement-making. With the highlight being the wavy section, which is hemmed entirely by hand from raffia, May bag is a romantic and striking statement for the woman in quest for original artisanal beauty.

"Leinné" is the combination of the English word "leisure" and the French word "inné". Founded in Paris, the brand carries a passion for living, a desire to see the world with courage and intuitiveness.

On a harmony theme, we create handcrafted hats, bags, clothings, jewellery and more that signifies memorable moments in your upcoming journey. Handcrafted in our nearly 30-years-old atelier in Saigon, we weave passion for beauty with the sensuality of natural materials, reflecting our exceptional heritage.

The soirée goddess

Dazzle in this season’s perfect party dresses

Winter melody

Woven from silk and wool, the refined softness from Leinné artisanal creations is an invitation to rejoice the winter voyage

Soeur silk hair tie

€75.00 EUR

Soleil hand-knitted beret

€155.00 EUR€139.50 EUR

Losange silk hand-quilted hat

€330.00 EUR€297.00 EUR

Timeless essence

Few things embody the essence of timelessness like pearls. Each one is a natural wonder that celebrates brilliance and refined appeal

Our wonders

Discover the sensuality of details. the natural materials and ​​the unconventional nature of Leinné's exceptional artisanal heritage.

Leinné Moment

Tag us and mention #Leinnémoment when you wear Leinné accessories and #Leinnétouch when you wear Leinné clothing on social media
for a chance to be featured and receive a surprise gift from our team.

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