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Our story

Leinné is a sustainable, eco-luxury brand established on the foundation of a 30-year-old artisanal hat-making workshop in Saigon, Vietnam, with the aim to improve the lives of the local artisans and develop sustainable practices.

We create thoughtfully-made accessories and clothing from sustainable natural materials for the modern woman who explores the world with fresh eyes and an open heart.

Our designs bear the joyful spirit of adventures and experience that gratify the senses.


Craftsmanship is always at the core of Leinné : our natural materials are carefully selected, and certain details can only be created by the hands of experienced craftspeople who have been working in our atelier since we first started. We work together to make objects that are both beautiful and made to last.


We believe natural materials are not only sustainable but also give your senses unique experience. From natural raffia from Madagascar to silk from craft villages across Vietnam, raw materials are finely processed with an artisanal expertise that turns ordinary into precious.

Our materials include:
Wheat braids
Organic cotton
Upcycled fabrics
Plant-based dyes

How to maintain and pack your hats?

Leinné designs are made with fine, eco and high-quality materials, which will age beautifully over time with the right care and attention. Upon receiving your Leinné design, please refer to your care card included in the package for specific care instructions. 

All materials are sourced for their unique quality and carefully crafted. Imperfections or textural variances of the material surface are part of the design’s natural characteristics.

For further details on how to take care of your designs, visit Product care guide.

Enjoy your special treat

Each Leinné design at Kapok comes with its own unique identity code.

This code and the Design name can be found on the Certificate of authenticity card in the set of paper tags of the design you are holding.

You are welcome to use your code to enjoy a 10% off of an order on leinne.com. Enter the code at the shopping cart and create your account to enjoy this offer.

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