Leinné Beauté introduces a different type of beauty: natural and authentic. We are a digital platform that offers conversation, products and brands dedicated to sensitive skin.

Kind to you

Beauty comes from within. Start your day with anything that makes you happy, take care of yourself in a way you feel comfortable. Leinné Beauté is born with the aim to inspire you to do more for yourself.

Kind to the Earth

Take time to love yourself while showing your responsibility for our planet with Leinné Beauté's knowledge of sustainable cosmetics. Through the process of carefully searching and selecting eco-friendly products, we hope you will receive comprehensive care while being conveyed interesting knowledge about sustainable brands.

Taking care of oneself

A space is filled with care and healing for your soul.

Thoughtful beauty curation for sensitive skin

Understanding modern women's desire to take care of your health and beauty, Leinné Beauté offers carefully selected products for sensitive skin.



RIKU is a natural cosmetic brand for sensitive skin with an international background of research and development from Japan, Thailand and Korea. RIKU's minimalist design represents the understanding about modern men & women that they can have a simple skin care routine. RIKU's most signature product line is the First Milk series from colostrum with 60 times more effective for healthy skin than normal milk. Caring for healthy, smooth and acne-free skin, RIKU brings an ease of mind with its soft fragrance and natural ingredients that are kind to skin.

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