Leinné Fall Winter 2022

The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

- Marcel Proust

The Leinné heart is always looking for sincere connections. Autumn is the time to create the space to feel that connection and to feel that shift from yourself. And start interpreting things through new eyes. 

Explore a few new things about the city: Keep an eye on the changes of the season at each street corner, try out new dishes at your favourite cafes, meet new people, catch up with friends, walk. Romanticize your life.


The Panther

The Fall has been away, a new transformation is waiting for you.

The panther's speckled fur has been a symbol of adventurous spirit and bold femininity. The design has a mysterious délice downturn hat shape and two playful long thick straps synonymous with panther's tails. The leopard pattern is layered to create a 3D effect. Pair this statement hat with a simple outfit to highlight your bold spirit.

The black Berlodge bag is the color intersection that is full of secrets for new beginnings. In this breezing air, Leinné trousers are tailored to your confident stride.

On the classic hoop with short pearls string and jade in different shapes, Bumblebee is a lively design that carries the prosperity and luck inherited from the shape of bees. You can easily take off and mix & match the charms to create your own version of the earrings.

Lost in a Library

Lounging on a Cold day

Garden in the City

In the middle of the bustling city, there is an oasis of greenery flourishing against the urban backdrop - a place where you can rediscover yourself.

Styled with Iris hat - inspired by the shimmering sunshine on the sea surface, Cosmica bag with movement details in vivid cobalt blue and playful Beach Slides limited edition, to add an edgy touch to the look.

beach slides limited

Under the golden autumn sunlight, the colorful stars embroidered on cream linen is the highlight of Charlotte gathered shirt. Moneypenny skirt with the enchanting high slit in modern smoky purple, compliments the color palette of the shirt.

New Muse

Striped Noon

City explorer

Marble Staircase

Sky for self

A living daylight

A sunny day in Autumn

All Woman

The Job

Berlodge mini bag

The collection surrounds the idea of a stylish transitional wardrobe that you can layer and mix together to wear when traveling across warm and cold weather.

Using natural materials: natural raffia, bamboo cotton, wool, and silk, the collection is a story of sincere connections.

Downturn-brim bucket wool hat, kimono silk jacket that can be layered or natural, and black raffia statement hat and bag, make up the romantic life.

Leinné chose smoky colors as the main tone for the autumn-winter beauty of transition, like the quote of Marcel Proust: "The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

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