Iconic Saigon Editions

Explore the beauty of iconic Saigon architecture with Leinné designs on our colorful Saigon Edition postcards.

Old Saigon aesthetics

The Classic Hats

Masculin hat and ben Thanh market postcard by Leinné

The hat inspired by L'amant by Marguerite Duras, elegant and minimal, Masculin hat has a unique form that can only be made by hands by Leinné experienced craftsmanship in our more than 25-year-old atelier in Saigon. The hat is unisex and can be worn with almost any outfit.

Inspired by fluttering chrysanthemum petals and the gentle symphony between sun and wind, Daisy is a subtle touch to give a lady-like look to an outfit.

Daisy raffia cloche hat, with smoke nomad colour by Leinné on model
Beret with hand-woven linen

Inspired by the famous Hollywood Sunset Boulevard, this hat is hand-made with colourful spontaneous details, inspired by the city of dreams. Made from upcycled fabrics, eco-dyed fabrics and cotton drill, Sunset Boulevard hat would make a city girl style.

The Bag Party

Lalaland bag raffia, handwoven linen by Leinné and the Notre dame cathedral in Saigon

Lalaland handbag recalls the famous movie for its decorative finesse touches, layers and harmonies of dreamy colors. Perfectly fit with the spontaneity of Saigon people. Do you know in Ho Chi Minh city, you can make appointment with someone the same day?

Vietnamese designer unique handbag from hand-woven linen and raffia
Eco fur designer box bag

Inspired by the beauty of the leopard, Leopard Dance square handbag is crafted with eco fur, blending with cotton in wool. Leopard Dance is dynamic in its own way, just like Saigon.

details on designer fur bag

The perfect combination of jewelry and bag in the minimal shape with spontaneous details depicts an imaginary star city sky.. Thinking of the Stars necklace bag is crafted with natural Raffia, eco linen and a touch of selective pieces for highlight details. Wear it on your necklace, crossbody or even link as a bag charm to complete a unique contemporary style.

Delight of the senses are embraced by the design of Sesame with a minimalist form. Sesame shows the cheerful spirit of the evening parties, whether in a land sea or heart of the city.

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