• On Femininity

    Since we started, we have had the love of many incredible women, who are passionate about their life and work - they represent the spiri...
  • Vietnamese quintessence: Leinné and Mimi Minh Nguyen - The touch of the senses

    As a designer and sustainable artisanal brand crafted by the hand of a skillful family-owned workshop with a 25-year histor...
  • Her Value

    How can you define the value of a woman? 

    This is a question not easy to answer.

  • Chasing colors

    Sylvia Nguyen Ngoc My and Leinné had an emotional conversation about the journey to chase colors. In Sylvia, there is a wonderful resonance of contrasting charms. Overcoming elegant and gentle beauty, we see a woman with great spirit and motivation to pursue the passion and conquer challenges.
  • Elevate the essentials

    Gentle and direct, Femmue’s business director in Vietnam, Cecilia Woo Choi shares with Leinné the love for minimalism, deciding what’s important and elevating the essentials. Cecilia has the elegance of determination and drive, a sort of energy that transcends her beauty. Sunset Boulevard I prefe...
  • A considered approach

    Here in an alley of district 3, nested a minimalist house with a front door painted in rose colour. Far from the noise of the city, Leinné met Trang Cao, founder of the beauty spa Rose de Mai. Clean and calm interior space that has an interesting mixture of the traditional Indochine style and modern minimalist feel, just like Trang, her feminine individuality and passion for beauty inspire us.

  • Private Empire

      Leinné Woman of June, Cheng Bao Phuong, a brilliant businesswoman. But there’s much more interesting about this woman than a business min...
  • Women with passion

    One of the most beautiful moments of a woman is when they work with all their passion and love. Because pursuing their own passion is th...
  • Right here, right now

    It’s time to celebrate women with inner strength. An extraordinary mind can be discovered in every woman we know. From London to Hongk...
  • Love In Flowers

    Inspired by nature and the beauty of flowers, Miso Lee created her very own flowers studio in Vietnam - Flowers in you. He...
  • The Dream Maker

    "Dream is the thing that matters." We met Minh Trang in a sunny afternoon, walking around the heart of Saigon, listening to the stor...

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