The Leinné blooms

"Let us live like flowers, wild and beautiful and drenched in sun." ― Ellen Everett

Where there are flowers, there is joy. Awaken your senses and heal your mind with the softness of a caress of nature and Leinné floral-inspired creations. The blooming garden of Leinné is an expansive mood for freedom, self-expression and easy elegance.

Rosy allure

The rose has long captivated hearts for centuries, inspiring artists, poets, and now, the creation of our rose charms. Belle wrapped rose charm and Viviene rolled rose charm embody the timeless allure of the rose, with delicate blooms that delights any occasion you need a touch of romance.

Different ways to style rose charm:

As a choker necklace

Adorn your hat

Adorn your bag

Vaud: A tulip touch

In Vaud silk bucket hat, craftsmanship and flora tango in exquisite harmony. Inspired by the elegant beauty of the tulip flower, Vaud hat is your touch of warmth and comfort, executed in refined silk sourced from Vietnamese local villages. Vaud is the perfect symphony for those who find beauty in the unexpected.

Garden blooms as hair accessories

Sunlight and artistry intertwine in Leinné hair accessories. Imbued with the warmth of the tropics, these intricate pieces bring a touch of natural elegance and botanical whimsy to any hairstyle.

Sunshine garden

Step into a garden of exquisite elegance with Leinné hats, where nature artistry is translated into wearable arts. On the raw canvas of natural raffia, delicate details inspired by the beauty of gardens are intricately designed and crafted with care, filling your sunshine journeys with floral appeal.

Ray of sunshine

Sandra raffia hat is reminiscent of the early morning sun peeking through the window, filling the room with warm and pleasant light. Its delicate round shapes are formed under the skillful hands of people in Leinné atelier. Sandra contains the pureness and poetry of unpolished natural materials and thoughtful artisanal creativity.

Spring symphony

Inspired by the daisy petals fluttered, like a gentle symphony between the sun and wind. Glowing, relaxed and profound, Daisy raffia hat is the subtle touch that ultimately draws the harmonious beauty.

Woven blooms

With delicate flower and leaf details on one side of the hat meticulously hand-woven and sewn from raw raffia, Gardenia raffia hat with hand-woven details inspired by a summer garden is a unique creation that embodies the natural beauty of the garden as its name suggests.

Rainbow orchard

Inspired by the sweet and playful colors of the Leinné garden, the Clémentine hat from Leinné Formscape collection is a symphony of senses under the sun. The round crown is reminiscent of berries, and the handcrafted details are like a caressing breeze on a humid day.

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