Rivedoux bag

Rivedoux bag is inspired by a gentle river flow and moments contemplating the eternal movement of nature. Sensing the tingling water through our hands, we dream of a journey driven by our souls. A river symbolizes the freedom we cherish - it is constantly turning and bending, but it just follows where it goes and reaches the ocean anyway.

Rivedoux bag is entirely crafted by hands, celebrating craft in the purest sense of the word. Through the skillful hands and personal connection of the craftsmen, Rivedoux is as lively as the Leinné woman who follows the call of her heart.

A bucket bag comes in a playful form which can be opened like a childhood treasure box. 
Height: 21 cm
Width: 19.6 cm
Depth: 21 cm

Meticulously joyous details are completely hand-sewn, including the heart shape on top of the lid and soft handle.

Strap length: 18 cm
Blue strap in soft cotton fabric

100% natural raffia. A type of yarn from Madagascar with outstanding properties: non-damp, anti UV, and durable.

Rivedoux bag makes for a whimsical highlight in beach picnics, summer parties or holidays lying under the sun. Think neutral tones, soft silhouettes and casual styling, Rivedoux bag captures the mood perfectly. Add some minimalist jewellery pieces to create a personalised look.



The shape of the bag is formed by hand using a curving hand technique: hand-stitched from the top and then put into the sewing machine. The craftsman uses the hands to continuously stretch and iron. Some curves need spraying with water and ironing before sewing.

The forming process takes 18-20 hours and only 1 design can be made each week. It's a tactile experience: the craftsmen’s precise work is entirely judged by eye, done with their personal connection with the design and evaluated by their hands’ feel.

Formscape blind-stitch technique

At first glance, the blue and pink decorative details look like fabric glued to the bag. In fact, they are thousands of stitches of the exact same size that are hand-sewn until they are smooth to the touch. The process takes 18 hours to complete.

Inspection & Finishing

The handle is created with layers and sewn fabrics together, after that it is polishing the bag body. Any waste from sewing is carefully recycled.

For the bag to look effortless, the creators must blend expertise with an intense concentration to details.

Rivedoux bag is a part of the Leinné Formscape Collection. Formscape explores the endless possibilities of “landscape” and “forms”: the shapes created by nature. Inspired by artwork of William Russell Flint, the pieces of Formscape are designed and crafted to evoke the harmony of the senses and beauty of the shapes formed by nature: mountain, river flow, sky and sea…

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