Leinné Color: The New Black

Leinné’s newest creation is based on the signature raffia material. The raffia threads immersed in a fresh new color: black.

Not your ordinary black tone.

It is the color of pebbles on the beach, sometimes it's the shade of the cloud-covered sky just before the storm, and for some other times, it is the sleek appearance of metal.

Leinné's New Black can be flexible in tones carrying the light from the lustrous natural raffia threads.

The beauty of imperfection

Raffia is dyed using natural dyes. A different dosage of each pigment can give a different shade, so there are no two pieces that are exactly the same.

Uneven shade or brownish spots on the black raffia designs are to be expected as the nature of the material.

The natural dyes are also biodegradable, fairly less harmful, and eco-friendly. Since natural dyes are delicate, our black raffia designs should be handled with care and not be dried directly in sunlight.

Black raffia care guide


Your raffia designs can be spot-cleaned with a soft bristled brush, mild soap and little water.

DO NOT wring or soak raffia hats in water.


Dry in shade. Avoid drying under direct sunlight


Your hat would not take any place in the suitcase if you follow our steps.

1. Place heavy clothes in your suitcase first. (With bag: you can skip this step).

2. Put paper/cloth into the crown and avoid crushing the hat for a long time with heavy items.

3. Place the hat into your suitcase/bag and ensure that the brim is straightened.

4. Put other things on to the brim, around the hat. Avoid folding the brim.

Avoid folding the brim with corners (brim can be curved on 2 sides in case there is not enough place for your large brim)

If your hat has a downturned brim, the brim should be curved up to be able to sit on the flat surface without bending the brim.


If the brim is curved or folded:

Iron will smooth out the fold. 

Use a home iron (more effective with a steam iron), then place a pressing cloth between the iron and the item to avoid scorching.

- If the crown is deformed:

It will be reformed when you continue wearing it, or push papers into the crown for a few days. You can also iron the item by putting clothes into the crown and iron it as ironing the brim. 


Read detailed black raffia care guide here.

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