Paris Iconic Editions

If Paris is one of the iconic capitals of fashion, the Parisian woman is its leading figure: innate elegance, nonchalant air, masculine inspiration and insolent simplicity. Inès de La Fressange, fashion designer and influential Parisian, said: "The secret of style is to feel good in what you wear". The Parisian relies on classics, which she assembles with taste and which give her the confidence she needs to face every moment of her day. 

Leinné has selected for you pieces that pay tribute to this timeless and charming figure of the Parisian woman. A clever mix of audacity, freedom and femininity, these creations are everyday objects that you can grab on your way out to complete a simple and elegant outfit. 

For a relaxing afternoon, with the arrival of the sunny days, Parisians storm the gardens of the capital to read or picnic in the sun. The Lilou hat is a piece of character: the raffia brings an air of summer and freedom into every outfit and its colorful fabric ribbon brings a touch of femininity to the sometimes very masculine outfits of Parisian women.

Associated with a large shirt and flat sandals, the Lilou hat keeps you in the shade during a brunch on the banks of the Seine. Free and carefree, this hat with its simple and timeless design keeps you open to the sweet moments of beautiful days.

Being Parisian is not being born in Paris, it is being reborn ther.

Sacha Guitry, French actor

Slung over the shoulder or carried in the hand, the Marjolie bag is a great way to complement a summer or fall outfit. The woven raffia brings a natural touch and a breath of fresh air to simple clothes, long beige trenches and black boots.

Inspired by the ephemeral forms of the moon, it is also a tribute to women, who some believe are linked to lunar cycles, and who, like him, find in the moon a mysterious energy. If it is true that the Parisian woman is always in a hurry, running through the streets of Paris to catch a bike or not to miss lunch, the Marjolie bag is then her ideal ally. Its adjustable shoulder strap allows it to adapt to all situations, and gives it life: it swings with your movements, and follows the undulations of your figure throughout the day ....

Until you've been kissed by one of those rainy Parisian afternoons, you've never been kissed.

Woody Allen, American actor and director

The Masculin raffia hat is surely one of the classic and must-have pieces in a Parisian woman's wardrobe. Its minimalist design, inspired by masculine silhouettes, makes it an easy-to-wear accessory that ensures the style and character of a free-spirited woman. It also celebrates imperfection, and the beauty that often emerges from it. It invites every woman to appreciate the imperfect and the unfinished, to enjoy the unexpected.

To protect yourself from a rain shower in the fall, or from the sun in the spring, it goes perfectly with a casual and daring style: blue jeans, loafers and a nice shirt. The Masculin hat lives up to its name, and accentuates the masculine and wild side of Parisian women and other women around the world.

The pearl necklace is a timeless piece of jewelry that has recently come back into fashion, worn with class and charm by today's women. This classic piece of jewelry is often passed down from woman to woman, and carries with it the entire history of a family.

Through the Frances necklace, Leinné revisits this simple and oh so elegant design of the pearl necklace. The round pearls have been replaced by flat pearls, which stick to the skin, and are forgotten throughout the day. This necklace is worn as a choker, alone, to finish an outfit. The Frances necklace slips into the hollow of your neck, to never leave you.

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