Leinné carries the concept of future

Not being melodramatic or exaggerated, our muse fully stays in the sustainability spirit.


From our signature raffia to every small detail like button or thread, they are all environmentally-friendly and their productions qualify standards of sustainability.

Materials from nature
Our signature Raffia from Africa
Hand-woven and Vietnamese traditional fabrics
Small details like threads are also appreciated.


Our craftsmen have been together with us since day one, they are the hearts of our products. Their efforts play an important role in the success of Leinné. We always appreciate and try to provide them the best to advance their lives and work experiences.

Appreciation for our artisans
Encourage the unlimited creativity.
Comfortable working environment
Individual appreciation


Leinné usually organizes meaningful campaigns, events to raise awareness in the community of topics like environmental issues and spread positive messages.

Social contribution
Refinity campaign to address the importance of recycling on Earth Day 2020.
Face masks to ease the pressure in the COVID-19 pandemic.
Earth Day t-shirts to raise awareness of environmental problems.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Leinné’s sustainable standards are the foundation of sustainable consumption and production, creating a better future for everyone.

Enhance the quality
Efficient production, saving natural resources
Decent and meaningful jobs
Improve production standards and qualities