A day in Phu Quoc

There's something about beaches that enlivens the senses. As a renowned paradise hideaway that boasts pristine beaches, Phu Quoc has everything to offer you an adventure of your life.

Where to go

Among the best ones are the popular Dai beach, Sao beach, Khem beach, or you can venture a bit to crowd-free gems like Doi Moi island, Mot island. You can spend all your time under the golden sun, wriggle your toes in the crystalline water, and feel the calming murmur of waves.

Where to stay

Phu Quoc is home to high-class, award-winning resorts such as Intercontinental Hotel or Regent. You can easily find a resort with first-class facilities, lavish space and services, with proximity to the beaches that offer freedom from the hustle and bustle.

What to wear

A raffia hat is an indispensable item for a dream beach trip. Add some characters with colorful hats or charming headbands. A handbag with small disruptive details will be the ideal companion, both to adorn the look and contain the necessary items for you to enjoy the golden sunshine and blue sea.

What to do

A trip to Phu Quoc cannot be complete if you have not immersed yourself in the turquoise water, or watching the brilliant sunrise and sunset. Also, don't forget to spend time exploring the local life in a fishing village, farm or night market.

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