Gouttes de Soleil

Somewhere between sea and land, there is always the sunlight.

Soft in the morning, then changed to warm and iridescent - reminiscent of the inside of a shell at sunset, light surrounds, nurtures and gives us the sense of time. But who counts minutes and seconds when feeling the lights, air and sea ? 

The collection is crafted by hand with the sensuality of natural materials, which reflects the unconventional nature of Leinné's exceptional heritage.

Life is about following your instinct.

Leinné's Spring - Summer 2022 collection.

Stay tuned! 


Summer Breeze

Summer days last longer. Beautiful and bright, slow down to drink in this moment

Henriette Square Classic raffia bag

€190.00 EUR

In our childhood memories, a square box in fairy tales always covers some magic to make a dream come true. Henriette Square came from that inspiration: a secret box filled with dreams. 


Henri Fedora natural raffia hat

€175,00 EUR

Henri is a fedora hat that has a touch of an artfully undone elegance. It is designed with a curved brim, indented details crafted by hand on the crown, and a handmade buckle in the same color. Originally a men’s hat, Henri has an allure of a nonchalant aura

Spring Essence


Vaud silk bucket hat


Soft touch: the Bucket Vaud silk hat offers a harmonious beauty from the soft touches of the fabric blended with elegance-inspired by tulips in design.


Yoyo Canotier raffia hat


The Yoyo hat is a modern boater hat, embellished with feminine details and detachable silk band, to be worn proudly at any time of the year. Inspired by the fluidity of movement and the freedom of the senses, Yoyo is a tribute to the feminine, undaunted women who are free and always in search of new adventures. 

At Ease


Aelia Long Sleeve Linen Shirt Dress


The comfort of the design lies in its spread collar, which escapes the regular shirt form and inspires a strong sense of leisure.


Délice Scallop hat


The Delicé Scallop Hat is a letter to an endless love for days with sun and mist haze when being in touch with tropical ocean air. 


Sandra Classic raffia bag


La Station Urbaine

Henri Fedora black raffia straw hat


Carries the classic shape of the gentlemen's fedora hat, Henri Black hat is an updated version of the Henri hat, made from stylish black raffia threads with hand-woven raffia bucket and a velvet decorative band curling around the crown of the hat.

Bucket Cabas Silk bag


Leinné Cabas Silk Bag is a tender and playful design, with the round form of bucket and iconic cabas handles. The quilted silky surface is a combination of exquisite handmade technique and opulent pure silk materials of Bao Loc, Vietnam. Team it with an ivory skirt or a flowy dress.

Frances flat pearl choker

€138,00 EUR€138,00 EUR

A contemporary twist on the classic pearl, Frances flat pearl choker attracts the eye with its playful shape. The pearls sit flush against the skin, shimmering with a gorgeous pearlescence. The minimal form balances the pearl’s organic beauty, celebrating the woman's understated charm.

Leisure Outdoor Club

Natural raffia Socco cap with rings


With the minimal cap shape on natural raffia, Socco cap with rings represents the spirit of athleisure, providing comfort and flexibility when participating in outdoor sports. The peak covers your face from direct sunlight while raffia material protects your skin from UV rays. Little gold metal rings on the rear of the brim are the highlight of the hat, adding a touch of elegance in details. DESCRIPTION Details Origin: VietnamColor: NaturalA touch of natural aesthetic to athleisure style Materia ...

Black raffia Socco cap with rings


Constructed from raffia threads dyed black, Socco black cap with rings still carries the active spirit, with added touch of youthfulness and uniqueness. Raffia threads gives the classic cap shape the flexibility, easy to fit with any head size. The accent of the hat - small gold metal rings, shines even more on the minimal black background. Socco black cap with rings is a stylish choice for a tennis match or a day on the golf course. 

Solito Jumbo raffia bag


From the beginning, Leinné simplified the design so that the woman's voice of needs could form the Solito sketch. The bag carries all standards a woman wants for a must-have bag.  journeys while M ...

Tender Visor raffia hat

€215,00 EUR

The Tender Visor raffia hat with visor is a great pick for athleisure style as it features a sportive and minimalist form. Tender visor is a unisex item that can be used for daywear as well as golf and tennis practice. It will take 15 days to craft this Tender Visor cap 

Alex Visor raffia cap


Inheriting the classic frame of the sporty visor hat, Alex Visor was created for fine moments under the sun. Made from suede-like fabric, the strap is a delicate ribbon wrapping around the raffia top of the hat and can be tied up in a neat bow on the back of the head for comfort.

 Vagues Bleues

Rosie raffia hat


The Rosie raffia hat is like a delicate rose with unexpected charm lies in its asymmetrical forms shaped by the skillful hands of experienced craftspeople at Leinné atelier. The classic round crown is decorated by a pleated band made from upcycled cotton fabric to express a perfect softness. 

Léon Raffia Fedora straw hat

€354,00 EUR

Simplicity, modernity and delicate details are the watchwords of the Léon fedora hat. A unique Leinné creation created by hands in Leinné atelier. The masculine structure is adorned by sophisticated work of raffia and openwork details.


Pearly slitted-rib linen shirt dress


The Pearly linen shirt dress has its sexy sideline split from the top to the bottom with pearls. The design is made sleeveless, mixed with a longline form and a flapping dress hem. 

Consus large baroque pearl earrings


Consus are the poetic touch that elegantly finishes an outfit. The irregularly shaped pearl seems to hang elegantly in your ear, never to leave you. Discreet, refined and feminine, this earring is an ode to the baroque style.

The Purest Form


Oyster Beret

€172,00 EUR

Inspired from the oyster signature shape, the Oyster Beret is hand - crafted in an uneven shape with its crown angled to one side. The hat brim is trimmed with a slight strand of linen, folded by hand to accentuate its modern ensemble with natural raffia. This beret completes a chic look for your summer trip. 


Sabine Linen oversized Shirt

€186,00 EUR

The Sabine Linen oversized shirt is made in large form, then mixed with its high collar and sleeves tailored to the classic boyfriend style. An added ample body dipping at the back hem inspiring a laid-back sense that inherent in a joyful trip with time put aside. 


Midi Festa raffia bag

€981,00 EUR

Midi Festa tiny clutch takes the form of a seashell. The panelled construction hangs from a wide wristlet, then opens through magnet mouth to reveal supple upcycled cotton lining. Midi Festa is a melody of colors and vibrations of nature.

Love Letter

Pom Pom raffia beret

€129,00 EUR

Add a little extravagant for your summer days with Pompom Raffia Beret. Carrying the classic beret - silhoeutte, this design look more graceful when being adorned with a cohesiveless bunch of raffia threads on the top of the crown. Wear yours angled to one side and team it with any summer fit you love. Pompom beret is a delicate blend of a deluxe and soft look that holds a feminine charm for you

Sunrise raffia bag

€970,00 EUR

Small and sumptuous, with geometrical curves and assymetrical strokes, this bag has its feminine and playful character.

Sun Earrings

€138,00 EUR

Made from natural raffia and cotton thread, Sun is the perfect finishing touch with a hint of quirkiness.

Délice Cottage hat

€365,00 EUR

There is something mysterious about the way a hat frames the face. The downturn brim of Leinné Délice hat shape has this quality with an extra bohemian edge. The linen gives an undone look while its hand-woven brim adds a romantic edge to the minimal, laid-back aesthetic. Our favorite spirited take on luxury and meticulous craftsmanship. 

Honey Sunburn

Boater Scallop

€171,00 EUR

The Delicé Scallop Hat is a letter to an endless love for days with sun and mist haze when being in touch with tropical ocean air. A nautical vibe is highlighted with a strand of organic cotton tailored to the shape of scallop, trimmed with color embroidered border. 

Simon Mini raffia bucket bag

€172,00 EUR€172,00 EUR

The raffia bag which moves vividly every time you walk, is designed with the inspiration of the Mekong and reminiscence of this beautiful region. The design is available in two versions: Classic Simon - a whimsical highlight on the street and Mini Simon, which stands out at tea parties. DESCRIPTION Details Origin: VietnamColor: NaturalNon-removable strap with fixed length and drawstring bag month. Materials 100% upcycled cottonLeinné raffia is made with special technique to preserve the flexibil ...

Golden Hour

Romy black and raffia lady hat

€328,00 EUR

Understated and extravagant at the same time, Romy hat is the original blend of subversion and tradition. A tactile blend of natural raffia and cotton, the hat frames your face and shape a mysterious angle. Some artistic touch lies in the tiny handmade raffia crochet buttons that take shape of a leaf. It's a delightful mix of art of details and simplicity.

Bucket Cabas raffia bag

€171,00 EUR€171,00 EUR

Effortless, versatile and lightweight, the Leinné Bucket Cabas has it all: classic French Cabas handles and the iconic round bucket shape of Leinné makes it a timeless accessory, while the raffia elevates it to the status of a precious summer bag. Let yourself be carried away in the intoxicating whirlwind of the Cabas Bucket. 

Iris raffia downturn brim hat with pearls and mulberry silk

€355,00 EUR

With a tall crown and downturn brim, Iris hat is designed with the spirit of endless summer and artisanal pureness. Inspired by the sun glittering on the sea surface, the colorful mulberry silk strings hugging the crown of the hat, resemble waves slowly touching the shore. Decorated on top are our baroque pearls, adding lights to the artisanal raffia hat creation. 


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