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Counting down to A Fresh Start

Year of the Tiger 2022


Lunar New Year of the Tiger 2022, this is the time when we spend time with our familiy and our loved ones, gathering around a warm, flavorful traditional dishes. Green chung cakes, onion pickles, spring rolls, along with the brilliant spring colors of apricot and blossom branches and wish each other a happy new year.

On this special occasion, Leinné would like to send gratitude gifts to all of you who have been, are and hopefully continue to accompany and support Leinné in the next year. An advent calendar dedicated to the Year of the Tiger will gradually be opened every day to count down to welcome an upcoming new year. Inside will contain secret gifts that Leinné and other brands have specially prepared to send to our beloved friends.


Leinné would like to thank Shimmer Silver, Des Fleurs, NOTE The Scent Lab and Skinlosophy for accompanying Leinné in this year's special event.

Leinné Tết Gift set

Leinné cherishes the quintesssence of nature through Leinné Lunar New Year Gift sets.

Leinné Tết Suggestions

New In: Sandra raffia bag

€348,00 EUR

Subtime drop earrings

€63,02 EUR

New In: Pearl Lover Headband

€75,00 EUR

Délice Classic 2.0 Raffia Hat

€145,00 EUR

Cây Lì Xì

Have a wonderful 2022 with Leinné and our Prosper tree at Leinné Apartment

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