Founder's note

Dear valued friends, partners, and customers,

2024 marks Leinné's 7-year journey of continuous innovation and development.

On this occasion, I would like to share with you the story of Leinné over the past 7 years.

The idea of establishing Leinné came from my journeys of experiencing a multi-cultural background. I founded Leinné at the end of 2016 in Paris, when I had just finished my fashion design degree, working and blogging about travel in Paris. In December of that same year, I returned to Vietnam with the intention of finding a product line that represented a Resort Wear brand, embodying the passion for exploring the world, and made in Vietnam.

As a fashion designer with perfectionism and academic background in fashion, I decided not to start with clothing, because in the couture industry that I gained education from, a perfect piece of clothing takes meticulous details, which targeted an exclusive customer’s base, is not the right direction for a new brand in the modern era.

By chance, I found some leftover raffia hats from an export orders in my family hat atelier. Acknowledging the durability and UV-resistant properties of raffia used in high-end lines of prestigious European brands, the factory and I found ways to enhance this material, making it more sustainable, to create artisanal designs that carried the French timeless chic beauty, crafted in Vietnam.

Raffia designs from Artisanal Fashion Company are processed with special techniques to preserve elasticity by maintaining air bonds and foaming in each fiber. Therefore, our raffia designs can be spot-cleaned with water, ironed and reshaped.

To build a brand, you need to go step by step, and I have chosen my own path.

Jewelry has been one of my passions since childhood, witnessing my grandmother adored sapphire, jade and pearl jewelry.

In 2020, my Thai friend Jaa found me and we collaborated on making a Leinné jewelry line. We started with designing together a line of pearls. Our first collection, named Pur Beurre, which means soft butter, a way to signify the intimate relation between the skin and pearls when worn. Since then we have explored different materials to make fashion jewelry that infuses our heritage and passion for contemporary art.

When I first embarked on my journey back to what I learnt in fashion school: making garments, my initial focus revolved around making unique and stylish shirts.

My fascination with designing shirts emerged from the desire to merge comfort with fashion via timeless pieces. Through meticulous research and numerous trial and error experiments, I gradually honed my skills in perfecting the art of shirt design and working with local artisans that share the same standards. I experimented with various fabrics, silhouettes, and patterns to craft shirts that were aesthetically pleasing, functional, and reflective of my daily wear.

As my expertise in shirt design grew, I yearned to explore the realm of evening dresses, driven by the desire to dress women for their special and glamorous occasions with minimalist, thoughtful designs that elevate their natural beauty rather than overwhelming their personality.

Dazzling fabrics that tell my Asian heritage, combined with modern and contemporary arts consumed my creative mind as I delved into the world of evening wear. From daily silk wear to cocktail dresses, my designs aimed to capture the essence of simplicity with épuré lines, allowing the wearer to exude confidence and beauty.

2024 marks Leinné's 7-year journey of continuous innovation and development. Started as an artisanal raffia hats and bags maker, we have expanded into a full sustainable wardrobe consisting of timeless, original clothes, jewellery, and evening wear.

Thank you for joining us in the 7 years of weaving dreams into wearable stories, and telling the stories of Vietnamese craftsmanship in hand with international integration. We are beyond excited to continue our creative journey, making sustainable, unique designs from which you define and embrace your style.

Thank you very much, for being a part of Leinné!

With love,
Leinné founder

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