In linen lies a peculiar beauty of rawness. The slubs, the wrinkles, the way it catches the light in unexpected ways is a story of honest imperfection. At Leinné, we capture this spirit, channeling it through our creations that deliver delicacy and raw beauty.

More than a fabric, it's an invitation to slow down, to feel the sun on your skin, to let the fabric whisper its tale of beauty and timelessness.

As one of the oldest known fabrics used for human consumption, linen holds multiple powerful attributes that make it a top choice for designers and artisans.

Explore Linen at Leinné

Leinné x Gastiel

Collaborating with one of the most beautiful men's shirt makers for a linen collection, Leinné x Gastiel features a one-of-a-kind linen that arouses a sense of comfort when touched. This Japanese linen is characterized by the ultra crispness, denseness and the raw feel of the material.

The Pearly shirt dress, inspired by the traditional Vietnamese áo dài, is an embodiment of free spirit and boldness.
Coming from Leinné collaboration with Gastiel, its bold breath lies in its signature vertical collar, contrasting with the crisp of linen

The comfort of Aelia dress lies in its spread collar, which escapes the regular shirt form and inspires a strong sense of leisure

Luxury in Simplicity

We turn soft, breathable linen into smart and versatile shirts. Fine and thin, these designs reflect delicacy and softness, ideal for everyday wear and can be easily incorporated into multiple styles. 

Linen's beauty lies in its inherent quality and understated elegance. Its simple aesthetic complements diverse styles, from breezy beachwear to tailored suits. It requires minimal care, its wrinkles adding to its charm, and its longevity makes it a worthwhile investment.

Elegantly imperfect

Unlike wrinkle-free synthetics, linen embraces its natural tendency to crease. These crinkles add depth and texture, creating a relaxed and sophisticated look. They soften with wear, revealing the fabric's unique character and story.

Its wrinkles become badges of honor rather than flaws.

White on white

White on white is an easy and upscale way to go monochromatic. The asymmetric details on Trouvaille blouse and the white canvas on Romy hat makes a visual pop. Top off the look with statement pieces like the Berlodge mini bag and Victorian baroque pearl earrings, and you’ve got an immaculate balance of laid-back and polished.

Linen's natural antibacterial properties make it a haven for sensitive skin. It resists mold and mildew, creating a healthy environment free from irritants. This makes it perfect for those with allergies and sensitivities, as well as for towels and sheets that come into close contact with the skin.

Linen gets softer over time. It is recommended that linen clothing is hand-washed with lukewarm or cold water to avoid shrinkage and preserve the fibers. To dry them, hang dry is the best way to do it. Iron inside out on a medium heat setting, while the garment is still slightly damp.

The little black dress

With straight cuts in a modern shape, and a bold black color, Leinné brings a unique áo dài design. The charm of the stylized traditional Vietnamese áo dài becomes more flexible with the new era. Combined with a Losange silk hat and a delicate rice pearl strand, do not forget to add a finishing touch of the Lubéron raffia bag to create an overall look that has both the inherent tradition and the breath of the new era.

Reinventing the black ao dài, this linen black dress can also be worn alone as a style statement. A nod to traditional beauty, the black áo dài is a little black dress for cocktail events, or can be dressed down for a casual afternoon walk.

Breathable Coolness
The porous nature of linen allows air to circulate freely, keeping you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. It wicks away moisture quickly, leaving you feeling dry and refreshed. This makes it ideal for summer and even layering for autumn garments for its comfort and versatility in designs.

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