Leinné is the combination of the English word "leisure" and the French word "inné", a passion for living, a desire to see the world with courage, passion and intuitiveness.

Sustainable luxury

Carries the story of Vietnam

The gratification of the sense

A concept born in Paris, enriched by different cultures

Leinné's sand color

Chosen amongst many nature elements that inspire us, Leinné Sand, the color of sand and faraway lands, evokes the harmony of the Earth. This unique color was found by mixing multiple shades of yellow, grey and brown and was done with hand on paper. 

The color integrates with the spirit of seeking outer view to cultivate the inner world has created designs that give a fresh eyes-open heart spirit. 


Leinné, where heritage meets modernity

Our products are carefully selected and cherished by the hands of our skillful artisans who have accompanied the family’s atelier from the beginning for more than 20 years. With the contemporary style of the designers and the diligent hands of the experienced artisans, we work together to create timeless hats and bags that are both beautiful and made to last.


Symbol of a journey

Owning a hat is beyond owning a fashion object. A hat, whether it came home from a trip or a party, is a piece of memory, symbol of a journey that reminds a person who and where she was at one point in her life.


Treasuring memory

In every journey of finding ourselves, a bag is an inseparable object. It helps us preserve the memories we collected during our adventure so that can easily remind us later on.

For the ones who seek uniqueness

Our Vision

After spending adolescent years pursuing her fashion dream in Europe, Mimi Nguyễn, founder and creative director at Leinné, had decided to come home and honored her family's hat-making heritage with the launch of Leinné and opened a small store in Saigon in 2017.

With the vision to create a sustainable and luxury fashion brand, our products are driven by content where we listen to our customers before conceptualizing designs. Each product is given love and a backstory in the making process to give each of them a unique characteristic. The aim of this process is to minimize waste from unused stocks and to help each purchased item be cherished more by its owner and raise more conscious about the things you buy


Natural, biodegradable Raffia

UV protection and preventing damage from humidity.

Artisanal, Vietnam origin material

Hand-woven and vegetable dyed silk and linen

Upcycled material

 limiting the used of virgin material

Luxury isn’t necessarily wasteful

We believe that we should take care of the Earth like our own home, since we are all born and live on this planet. Building on that belief, we want to raise awareness about the environment and to ease the mind of our customers that the items they purchased have been made in the most conscious and sustainable manufacturing process.


We use biogradable materials, traditional natural materials of Vietnam, and upcycled materials.


We devote a large amount of revenue to the research and development for the sustainability of materials and production. (15-20%)


Good working conditions and salary for craftsmen


Give customers incentives to keep their items for a long time through the communication of brand value.


Help customers preserve their beloved designs: Leinné Maintenance Service - cleaning, ironing, restoring original shapes.


Yearly contributions to environmental, charitable and educational funds.

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