Urban Green Wonder

A walk through Singapore Botanic Gardens with Leinné founder Mimi Minh Nguyen

Nature always reconnects us to ourselves, to something we all long to feel - the rare and precious sense of having all the time in the world.

Known as a City in a Garden and one of the greenest cities in the world, Singapore sets a prime example of an integrated urban green space. There’s a park or garden to explore no matter where you are in the country, of which Singapore Botanic Gardens is a must-visit. 

Nestled in the middle of the city, Singapore Botanic Gardens is a true gem for nature lovers. There is this vast green space in the middle of urban life, just a few minutes drive from the busy Orchard road. Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this iconic spot offers a tropical hideaway, with a simple and exotic pleasure of soaking yourself in the endless lush.

We embarked on a journey through the endless greenery, spent a tranquil afternoon in the fresh air this garden has to offer, and marveled at the colorful flora and fauna that were out in full splendor.

One of the Important attractions of the gardens, National Orchid Garden, showcases the world’s largest orchid display of over 60,000 orchid plants award-winning hybrids, including Vanda Miss Joaquim - the country’s national flower. The 3-hectare ecological paradise offers a marvelous sight of enchanting blooms and intricate landscape.

Taking in the tranquil atmosphere and beauty of the orchid gardens was definitely a treat to the eyes, the senses and the soul. It feels like an oasis where you reconnect to  yourself and enjoy the precious sense of having all the time in the world.

While entrance to Singapore Botanic Gardens is free of charge, you need to pay a fee of $5 (for locals) or $15 (for tourists) to explore the National Orchid Garden.


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Singapore isn’t just about flashy buildings. Once in this city of modern shopping malls and skyscrapers, make sure to have yourself some time in a public green space like Singapore Botanic Gardens. For a breath of fresh air. For a casual, unbothered stroll around the verdant green, where the splendor of the gorgeous blooms is absolutely a sight to behold.

When was the last time you spent a quiet moment in nature, just doing nothing?

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