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Amandine aka Acupper is an influencer, actress and model. As a Vietnamese girl born and raised in Paris, she inherits a Parisian chic and an artistic soul. She charms us with a bright smile and a Parisian free spirit.

Ahead, we talk to Amandine about her self care tips and inspirations. During social distancing, Amandine sees this time as a pause to reconnect with her inner self. It is the inner beauty, she says, that makes a woman shine bright.

What does self care mean to you?

Since the lockdown and after spending a lot of time by myself, I realized what self-care really means to me. Before that, I was thinking that self-care was just about having a good time with myself, like for example, taking care of my body, having a good dinner or reading a nice book. Now, to my eyes, it is much more than that. 

Self-care is about accepting who you are every day, loving yourself and embracing your qualities and flaws. It is a connection connection with yourself, from inside to outside. 

Do you prefer a strict self-care routine or let everything be free and natural?

About the skincare routine, it has to be strict. Since I am living in Vietnam, my skin is not yet used to the climate here, so I have to take care of it. If not, I can have skin issues really easily. I go to the spa once a week, drink a lot of water and clean my face twice in the evening. About my make-up routine, I like the no make-up make-up style. I really like natural style make-up with nude colors.


“Self care is about accepting who you are every day, loving yourself and embracing your qualities and flaws”


What are your essential everyday self-care items?

What I always have in my bag: for skincare, lip balm and hand cream. And for the make-up, a nude lipstick and a peach color blush.

Do you experience any change in your daily life during social distancing?

Yes. I feel a lot more reconnected with my inner self. 

Once you feel good with yourself, you automatically want to take care of yourself more: enjoying simple things such as eating good food, taking care of your body and mind, or practicing a home activity that you like. 

And, I am also really grateful everyday for everything I have: a roof, good health, and my family & friends. 

How do you self care at home?

Some days, I wake-up early, do my yoga and meditation, cook a yummy breakfast and write or read. Then take care of my plants. Some other days, I wake-up later, watch TV, chill on my phone and order pastries, then end up having a glass of wine in the evening. 

It really depends on my mood and what I feel like. I listen more to myself and just go with the flow. We need to be aligned with what we want & do, and find a balance.

I feel a lot more reconnected with my inner self during social distancing. Once you feel good with yourself, you automatically want to take care of yourself more.


What are your criteria in choosing skincare products?

First, I use products which are the most ethical as possible: clean for the planet and not tested on animals. Those are my priorities. For my face, I use products which are adapted to sensitive skins, as mine reacts depending on the climate.

Check out Riku eco beauty products that Amandine uses in the clip here.

Because of the sun, heat and pollution, my skin needs gentle products in order to recover and find back its natural balance. Second, I like to use products with a light and subtle fragrance. I find it more delicate and pleasant to use. For example, I don’t use products with rose or lavender perfume, even to wash my hands, haha!

The best self-care advice you’ve ever received?

My mom is a big inspiration for me in terms of self-care. I grew-up watching her doing her skincare and make-up routine. I remember her shelf in the bathroom, with all her skincare and make-up products. When I was a teenager, I used to use her products in secret (haha). So far she has always been taking care of herself. Always happy and elegant, even to go to the supermarket.

She and my grandmother used to show me how to apply moisturizer on the face. Each part requires a certain movement. For example, for the neck, I had to massage from the lower neck upwards towards the chin, and repeat the movement.

Shine from inside first, and you will shine from outside


If someone said they are too busy to self care, what would you tell them?

I would tell them a quote I really like, which is: “Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves”. Only 5-/10 minutes of skincare a day will have a big impact over years.

3 self-care tips you want to share with Leinné Beauté women

1. Favour skincare before make-up.

2. Every day, try to have a moment for yourself, it can be 5 min of meditation or 10 min walk, or whatever you like to do.

3. Be yourself and be your own best friend. Shine from inside first, and you will shine from outside. 

Thank you Amandine for your beautiful sharings!

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