Sail To The Sun

Shades Of Summer

Summer is in the air. Let's sail to the sun!

Crafted with a commitment to ecoluxury, elevated your summer style, and easy layers encapsulate the perfect high-summer wardrobe.

From modern to made-to-treasure design, whether you are heading to some new cities or the coast this summer, let's travel in style with Leinné statement pieces.

Sunkissed Muse

The hat embraces your beauty with all the tenderness that comes from design and materials. You will become a sunkissed muse when wearing this Bernadine hat with the beauty of elegance and softness.

Bernadine raffia hat

€389,00 EUR

Flower of the garden

Stepping into a sunny summer garden with charming beauty like a proud rose with the Rosie hat. A romantic twist with a drop-down brim that elegantly embraces your face, combined with a soft long silk strap, it feels like listening to a soft symphony in the middle of summer.

Rosie raffia hat

€535,00 EUR

The sweetness of the sunlight

Inspired by the sparkling sunlight on the sea surface, the silk ribbons with the colors of the sun are criss-crossed on the body of the hat along with the baroque pearls carrying the radiant energy of the sun. All together to create the Iris design with the spirit of endless summer and artisanal pureness for summer.

Dance with the sun

Subversion and tradition, the Romy hat comes from the idea of traditional harmony in innovation. With a wide brim and gently drooping, with a blend of raffia and cotton fabric, the hat softly hugs your face for a mysterious, romantic look.

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