Love messages on Vietnamese Women's Day

Vietnamese Women's Day 20/10 - a special occasion to express affection and honor to "half of the world." Surely you are also looking for a gift with sentimental meaning and sincere care for the most important women in your life. Let Leinné help you send your love with these suggestions.

Bag of dream

Surely all of us are familiar with the Vietnamese fairy tale about Nang Tam - who has the standard beauty of a woman. And any woman in your life is the embodiment of Tam. Leinné suggests the design of the Tam bag with a simple, sophisticated design and light yellow color from raffia yarn for your own "special Tam".

Leinné garden bouquet

A brilliant bouquet of flowers will surely be the first gift you think of when you choose a gift for your beloved woman or "your special in heart". But you want that gift to be more special? Have you ever thought of a fashion design inspired by flowers?

Not as bright as roses, tulips have an ethereal and luxurious beauty with a deep love message. This is also the inspiration for Leinné's designer to create the Bucket Vaud silk hat. Transforming the classic bucket hat shape to become soft and elegant, with the image of a blooming tulip, the Bucket Vaud silk hat is the perfect gift for you to send love to the woman of your life.

Words of Love

"Half of the world" always gives special love to the loved ones in life, that's why they always deserve to be loved, cherished and received the best. Love is a language of the whole world. Bringing simple but emotional words of love such as "Thương", "Yêu", "Embrace", .., hats from Leinné Words of Love collection will be sent on your behalf with love to your important women on this special occasion.

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