In the name of Love: Love Languages

As Valentine’s Day nears, it seems as if love is in the air. According to the New York Times Best Selling book “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate”, by Gary Chapman, Ph.D., each of us has our own love language that we instinctively give love the way we would like to receive it.

Though not everyone’s love language is “gift-giving”, when it comes to showing your love on February 14, springing for your nearest and dearest a gift tailored to her love language is a perfect way to express your gratitude as well as foster better communication and harmony. No matter what her love language is, in accordance with five love languages, Leinné has curated a gift guide for you.

Words of Affirmation

Your beloved woman always deserves to be loved, cherished and received the best. Love is a language of the whole world. Using words to convey how you feel may be the sweetest act for the one who needs the spoken and written. Bringing simple but emotional words of love such as "Thương", "Yêu", "Embrace", .., hats from Leinné Words of Love collection will be sent on your behalf with love to your important women on this special occasion.

Quality Time

For “quality time” lovers, focusing on dedication, they will appreciate your fully present or a gift that carries the quality of engagement and exquisiteness. Leinné offers the designs made by the meticulous craftsmanship - Rivedoux Limited Hat and Gardenia hat. If the Rivedoux hat has the sweet hues of a calm stream, the Gardenia will be the perfect accent to the elegant style with its classic silhouette and the delicate floral embellishments. Both designs will send emotional messages to your lover on your behalf this Valentine's Day.

Physical Touch

Affection and intimacy are all for the “physical touch” individual. Beside holding hands or kissing, touching over a special gift instead of a sweet hug might be the most beautiful form of confession that allows your loved ones to know that they matter. The Million Heart pearl chain adorning her lovely neck or the Simple Baroque pearl bracelet would be not-to-be-missed items on your list.

Gift of Affection - Gift-giving

It goes way beyond sending a gift to your loved one, the heart of it lies on the meaningfulness of it all. A special gift, carrying your love messages for a special person, can express something that words cannot. Leinné offers a bespoke classic shirt with initials that carry special meaning to you is an intimate way to personalize and subtly show your caring.

Act of Service

“Actions speak louder than words”. This person will feel loved if their significant other recognizes and acts on thoughtful gestures. Giving them a design that carries your glimpse, with the message of long-term relationship, might be highly appreciated. The James Boater Black hat takes the classic boater silhouette of a gentleman - a harmonious combination of classic and free-spirit. It would be an interesting twist for your lady.

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