One Set - Multiple Possibilities

Bamboo cotton that hugs the skin

Pyjamas are not only for your bedtime - so why not wear them when you need more comfort in your daily life?

Inheriting the properties of the most exquisite bamboo cotton, soft as silk, and more absorbent than regular cotton, the Sorento design gently hugs the body, protecting the skin thanks to its antibacterial and anti UV properties.

The unique flexibility of the shape of the loose shirt and shorts makes the Sorrento design a must-have item for you to wear all year round, combining both personality and combination ton-sur-ton sets. With built-in wardrobe to create your own style.

For you casual day

With wrinkle-resistant bamboo cotton fabric and a comfortable oversized design, the Sorrento Pijamas are the perfect choice for sunny summer days.

Complete the look with a crop top and jeans and a tote bag for adding an active touch for your casual outfit.

Weekend date

Pajamas Sorrento is a unisex design with airy materials and delicate hand-sewn lines, giving you a mix of sophistication and playfulness for weekend coffee date.

Wearing a full set gives you a playful edge for weekend get-togethers.

Classic touch

Borrowing the detail of hiding the buttons from a gentleman's formal shirt, the Sorrento oversized shirt is extremely bold and charming when combined with a simple pair of trousers.

Unbuttoned top and embellished with a necklace of Tassel crystals for a playful twist on the classic look.

Elegant look

Inspired by the cuts in an Italian gentleman's shirt, the Sorrento shirt design brings freshness when paired with a silk skirt for elegant style as you walk down the street. Button up the neck and release the long sleeves for an extra feminine touch.

Accentuate with modern Leinné pearl accessories for adding some sparkle touches.

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