Leinné Color: Smoky Purple

Colors represent the energy and tell the story of Leinné. Along with natural materials, Leinné's colors are handcrafted into designs with inspiration from nature and faraway lands.

Leinné smoky purple is a blend of the original purple with a bit of smoky tone. Nuanced and elegant, the color suggests the intrigue of what lies ahead, radiates on the skin and glows under the spring light.

A combination of romance and adventurous spirit, the layers of emotions smoky purple evokes are translated in Leinné’s artisanal designs, handcrafted in our 30-year-old atelier.

Woven from silk and cotton fibers, Leinné purple silk boasts a smooth surface and durability thanks to scratch-resistant weaving techniques. Silk gowns that are sensual and iridescent in motion are designed to work with Leinné's hats and bags for a feminine and modern ensemble.

Sensual and charming
With the spirit freedom and effortlessness, Evelyn purple silk shirt has the charming sense of comfort in the way the silk flows like water on the skin.

Devils in the details 
Silk shirts and shorts are meticulously crafted with double-layer of the main fabric, with mother-of-pearl buttons.

Exquisite artisanship
The quilted silky surface is a combination of exquisite handmade technique and opulent pure silk materials of Bao Loc, Vietnam.

Handiwork delicacy 
The shimmering silk is accentuated by the quilted pattern hand-made by Leinné artisans. The long downturn brim adorns the face with a touch of mystery

Tender and modern
Pilvi hat is a tender combination of modern bucket hat shape with a long brim and traditional silk and warm quilted pattern. Made entirely by hand, each pattern is unique for each hat.

Less is more
Inspired by automobile culture and the half-moon shape, Cresco visor is made from natural raffia and smoky purple cotton silk hat band.

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