Introduce the Yoyo Canotier - A gentle touch

Yoyo raffia Boater on blogger Mimi Minh Nguyen

The Yoyo hat is a modern boater hat, embellished with feminine details and a detachable silk band, to be worn proudly at any time of the year. Inspired by the fluidity of movement and the freedom of the senses, Yoyo is a tribute to the feminine, undaunted women who are free and always in search of new adventures. 

A soulmate of your senses

As we re-enter the world, we dress to convey how we feel now. And if how you feel right now is a little complex, a little gentleness clearly does help. Raffia triggers the feeling of touch and calmness from its natural sense, and silk offers the tenderness you need.

Yoyo Canotier is designed in this spirit: tough and soft, protective and romantic, and a detachable band to express your individuality.

Leinné artisanal raffia boater hat
Boater Yoyo raffia hat in emerald

Tropical Forest - Emerald

A color that brings out the refreshing feeling of a tropical forrest, harmonizes with the soft yellow of raffia, creates a special energy for your daily life.

Deep ocean - Blue Marine

​​Inspired by the typical colors of the ocean with images of subterranean waves sinking deeply, the Blue Marine color of Yoyo Canotier brings out the emotions of our soul.

Leinné Boater Yoyo raffia hat in Blue Marine

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