Introduce the Langley Hat

There are different layers of each shimmering, beautiful light. Like the light in the garden that changes with the time and emotions, each color palette of the hat has its own story. Langley hat is made of cotton blended with wool and the inside is lined with soft silk fabric with its distinctive softness.

Garden of light

Inspired by the moment Leinné encountered the pristine beauty of sunlight, the Langley design has various light combinations that form a story: black basalt colour of volcanoes, green colour of olives, the colour of sunshine and blue colour of the sky. The painting named Langley is harmoniously beautiful and pure.

Beaming Light

The Langley hat belongs to a soul that loves exploring spontaneous moments. Langley is a bold design combined with hedonistic rebellion. The Sunlight colour - the uplift shade full of vitality that comes with the marvellous sunshine.

Basalt Stone

Inspired by the rays of sunlight reflected on volcanic rocks, the black version of Langley hat has a mysterious and emotional serenity.

Green in the Olive garden

The green version represents the lush olive fruit sparkling in the sun in Leinné garden.


Dante Blue

Inspired by Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, the Italian poet famous for the  poems that describe transition and journey in a way that the day turns to night, the Dante Blue color of the Langley hat is the modern story full of poetry of the transition moment of the day: sunset.


Bucket hat - a wardrobe classic finds new modernity when casting in unexpected colour patterns and textures. With each color version featuring a unique story, Langley is a bold and elegant design to celebrate special moments everyday.

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