Cool and smooth with sport cap Cap Ferret

The sport cap design is inspired by Cap Ferret - a beautiful peninsula in western France overlooking Biscay Bay with wild charm and a fresh seaside atmosphere. Cap Ferret has a dynamic and challenging spirit with the most positive attitude of Leinné. The sport cap blends in the movement of sustainable fashion with soft organic cotton fabric and plastic-free visor.

Fresh energy

Every day is full of exciting things, to be enjoyed with a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Following the sportive movement, our sustainable sport cap design was born to express the concept of Leinné: the experience of the outside world and its relation with our inner.

Natural material touch

Cap Ferret is a natural cotton fabric cap, which is carefully produced by the skillful hands of Vietnamese craftsmen. Soft and breathable material embraces the head lightly, bringing the most comfort to any sports activity.

Vibrant and colorful

From classic to fresh colors such as pink, mint, white, navy blue of the sport cap are suitable for all styles of both men and women.

The rollable cap for optimum movements

Enlighten your busy day with the cotton visor Cap Ferret. The highlight of the Leinné women's ultimate dynamics was the rollable sport cap that could be easily carried in bags. The cotton visor is highly versatile when it can be combined with a variety of clothing styles, making it most comfortable for your outdoor activities.

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